See what Hustler owners from all around the world have to say about our farming equipment.

Paul Besnier, Retiers (France) – SL300X/Unrolla LM105

“I save about 45 minutes to 1 hour a day with my Hustler bale feeder.”

Paul Lightoller, Taranaki (New Zealand), Katipo 1150

“All the Hustler gear which we have used previously has been great, the Katipo is no different.”

Paul Reynolds, Hawkes Bay (New Zealand)

"The Hustler bale feeder is reliable and easy to operate. It handles rounds and squares, runs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, year round. It feeds evenly, which allows the silage cutter to cut properly without stalling. Maintenance is virtually."

Shane Dunlea, Kaikoura NZ – Softhands LX200

“They are easy to use and have a good grip. They are very versatile and can be useful for more than one thing.”

Peter Russell, Lyndhurst (Australia) – Chainless X5000

Peter is cutting down on feed waste by 30% with his Chainless X5000

Awanui Station, Hawkes Bay – Combi CM106

Awanui Station has been pioneering growing fodder beet in New Zealand for their cattle in the 1990s. See why they rely on their Hustler Combi CM106 for feeding.

Bill Garland, Maungatautari, NZ – Chainless 2000

Bill and his son farm 430 hectares on the western slopes of Maungatautari, located halfway between Te Awamutu and Cambridge. Here Bill runs an operation of about 2000 ewes, 400 odd cattle, along with hogget lambs.

Can You Afford Down Time During Your Peak Season?

Mark Muller a Taranaki based Dairy Farmer, added the patented Comby Spread Causmag applicator to his new Silage Wagon for this exact reason

New Causmag Spreading Attachment for Chainless X5000

How to overcome Grass Tetany, Grass Staggers or Winter Tetany in Cattle or Sheep. Hustler's new Causmag applicator lets you apply magnesium and hay in one pass

Ian Dickson in (Milawa), Australia – Chainless X5000

Like much of eastern Australia, Milawa is currently in drought. Ian’s two Hustler X5000 bale feeders have shaved thousands of hours off his feeding operations and made the process safer and more streamlined.

Marike Ostebuhr, Strackholt (Germany) – SL360X

Marike was rapt as the Hustler Bale feeder was not only easy to use on her operation but also saved hay wastage, being able to feed out the maize and silage in an even row for her cattle with ease. Solving her challenges and giving her more freedom to do what

Bill Fales, Carbondale (USA) – Chainless X5000

“The Hustler has just been a great machine for me”

Drausin Wulsin, Ohio (USA) – Chainless X5000

"Moving into my mid-sixties, I'm done with wrestling bales of hay, so we got a Hustler for this purpose, which has relieved the physical strain"

Karl Schaberreiter, Strallegg (Austria) – SL360X

Karl Schaberreiter runs a small 11-hectare dairy farm with around 20 cows in Strallegg, Austria. Straining themselves and having a lot of downtime due to this, they needed a better solution. That’s why they decided to purchase a Hustler SL360X Bale Feeder

Brian Attwood, Ruatangata (New Zealand) – Chainless X2000

Needing equipment that is reliable and saves him time on his operation its a no brainier that he owns 2 sets of Hustler Softhands and two Hustler Bale feeders. One set used on his home farm and the other on his run off helping to run a smooth and efficient ope

Tim Merhtens, (South Canterbury) New Zealand – Katipo 1150

The Katipo sprayer has been a time saver for Tim on the farm. Being so easy to install onto a tractor with loads of room to connect the PTO & linkage arms, hooking up is a breeze. The fully hydraulic SonicBoom is the ultimate for productivity!

Phil Herdman (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

Phil Herdman and his SonicBoom: "lets you get in and out of paddocks quicker without needing to leave the comfort of the tractor seat. More benefits the Katipo 1150 includes is the standard 100L QuickFlush tank which simplifies cleanup."

Tom Wilson (Australia) – Mega Comby XL

Tom Wilson manages Salt Creek Merino Stud, which currently has 18,000 lambs on his farm. Having previously needed 2 feed out wagons to keep them all fed, find out how he cut up to 21 km's a day off their feeding routine.

Masterrind (Germany) – SL360X

Masterrind is arguably one of the most reputable cattle breeder and exporter in Europe, exporting 35,000 Holsteins to EU countries, Russia, Africa and Asia and employs more than 600 staff. We meet with z.H. Jörn Lohmüller to find out how their SL360X round bal

Dealer Feature for 30 year long relationship with NC Equipment

NC Equipment is your preferred supplier of assured quality brands, trusted experience and world-class service solutions to the farmers and contractors in the North Canterbury region of New Zealand

David King, Carew (New Zealand) – Chainless X5000

David King from Carew, Mid-Canterbury is a dairy support and cropping farmer who decided to buy a chainless X5000 bale feeder 12 months ago and never looked back.

Christopher and Samuel Spoerer (Chile) – Chainless 4000

Meeting up with dairy farmers Christopher and Samuel Spoerer, located near La Comuna Puyehue to see how their 5-year-old Chainless 4000 bale feeder was performing, and to no-surprise going extremely well,

Terry Stevens

"It is the only bale processor that treats the hay as gentle as it does."

Andrew Ferguson (USA) – Chainless X5000

"After running the Hustler for a few months, we decided to go ahead and purchase two more"

Peter Pelster, Nebraska (USA) – Chainless X5000 – Dealer

"I have found the Hustler to be better when feeding silage and dry hay. The Hustler bale processor is versatile"

Paul Bevan, Kereru (New Zealand) – Mega Softhands

Find out from Paul Bevan a beef farmer and contractor why he prefers the genuine Softhands® from Hustler over others and why's he has not needed to update them in 5 years

Austrian Farmer, Fischbach (Austria) – SL360X

We visit a farmer located in Fischbach, Austria, to find out how his Hustler SL360X bale unroller has given an enormous work relief on his farm.

Rinderzucht Steiermark (Austria) – SL360X

Currently one of the largest artificial genetic breeding cooperatives in Austria, Rinderzucht Steiermark is supplying over 5,700 companies. We meet with breeding manager, Reinhard Pfleger to find out how their SL360X round bale unroller is helping in their ope

Paul Cathcart, Hedehope (New Zealand) – SF1750

Paul Cathcart manages a 2,000-acre dairy farm in Hedehope, Southland, milking 1,200 cows. We met up with Paul to find out why he chose Hustler's SF1750 silage wagon...

Tom May, Winton (New Zealand) – Chainless X2500

After already having run four Hustler bale feeders, last year Tom May, a Deer farmer from Winton upgraded his bale feeder. Which was the best for his round Lucerne balage bales?

James Bishop, Mullaley (Australia) – Super Comby

“I was impressed with how it trails the grain across the top of the hay and with how much labour it takes out of the work”

Danny Devine, Kurow (New Zealand) – Swift Hitch

Danny is impressed with the visibility compared to the Euro hitch, and he has found it's so much easier to use, not only that but the wagon now follows the tractors wheel tractor a lot closer.

Martin Jones, Waipapa (New Zealand) – Chainless X2000

See how 100% pure Angus beef farmer reduced his feedout labour with Hustler's all new Chainless X2000 round and square bale feeder. And why he chose Hustler after 6 years of reliability with his Hustler Softhands

Mark Mawhood, Oberon (Australia) – Chainless X2400

When Oberon’s Mark Mawhood saw his shy feeders and calves missing out on access to feed at the hay rings, and subsequently losing condition, he found the answer he needed in the Hustler Chainless X2400 bale feeder.

Trent Adams, Chatsworth House (Australia) – Super Comby EX

"We brought the Hustler feedout wagon because of its simplicity and the diversity of being able to go from pit silage to round silage which was a great asset"

Sheldon Reed, Darfield (New Zealand) – SL360X

Why does Sheldon Reed, a farmer in Darfield love his SL360X? We caught up with Sheldon to find out how his new Hustler Bale Feeder has helped out on his farm.

Elmar Stuff (Germany) – SL360X

Compact loaders are the all the rave for feeding cattle indoors, especially when coupled with Hustler's SL360X round bale, balage processor, ask Elmar Stuff why!

Bill Davey, Canterbury (New Zealand) – Chainless X5000

Reliability is Key for Canterbury Farmer running 2 Hustler Feeder

Ashley Rowe, Ardrossa (South Australia) – SL360X

Ardrossan producer Ashley Rowe was so convinced of the benefits to be gained from the Hustler SL360X, he bought two of them.

David George, Armagh (North Ireland) – SL360X

So, looking at all the solutions for feeding his cattle and in search of the best option for his operation. David came across the New Hustler SL360X bale feeder he couldn't look back... "the best feature on the Hustler is the time saving"

John Drent (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

Why are so many farmers switching to Hustler for their boom sprayers?

Mulvey Gulch Ranch (USA) – Super Comby EX

"The machine is not like a processor where you're losing all the leaves off it, the leaves are coming off with the stems, and the cattle don't have to lick them off the ground"

Mike Lough (Ireland) – SL360X

Feeding baled silage in Ireland with a Hustler Bale Unroller

Walter Wichman (USA) – Chainless X5000

"I've run bale processors for 10-15 years, and this is the simplest design on the market today"

Shawn Boyer (New Zealand) – Silage Wagon SF1250

Shawn Boyer switched to a Hustler Silage Wagon

Sarah Salsbury, Montana (USA), Chainless X5000

"We put all that time and energy to put up beautiful hay with all the Alfalfa leaves, and the processor kind of just blows it up into the air. I wanted to go with something that would just roll the bales out"

Jordon Watts, Gisborne (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150 Sprayer

LeaderBrand, a large produce grower located in Gisborne, invested in Hustler's sprayer a few years ago for the smaller jobs. We met up with Jordon Watts to find out how it has performed covering nearly 3,000 hectares each year.

Mark James, Irongate Wagyu, Albany (West Australia) – Super Comby EX

Irongate Wagyu, located near Albany, Western Australia, produce the finest Wagyu beef. We caught up with 30 year beef cattle veteran Mark James who manages the herd, to see why he chose Hustler's unique Comby feeder...

Nelson Santibañez Barria, Rio Bueno (Chile) – Chainless 4000

"This machine is the best of the best.... 7 years of work no problem!"

Mike Moretti, California (USA) – Chainless X5000

Mike Moretti, an organic dairy farmer in Tomales, California, purchased his Chainless X5000 around 18 months ago and has used it every day since.

Luke Carr, Comobella (Australia) – Chainless X2500

With drought impacting large areas of New South Wales, keeping stock healthy at the lowest possible cost is a top priority for producers. Comobella farmer Luke Carr finds the Chainless X2500 bale feeding system allows him to feed his stock efficiently and with

Glenn Anderson, Tasmania (Australia) – Chainless X5000

Glenn Anderson, a beef farmer located in Northern Tasmania, and his family run a Gelbvieh & Murray Grey Stud. Read this story to see how they overcame feed shortages...

Steph Yeo – Chainless 4000

"Our Chainless 4000 is absolutely wicked, impossible to break too.  Hardy and well built design, couldn't recommend enough!"

Cameron Rolston (New Zealand) – Chainless 4000

Beef and dairy grazing near Norswood in Hawkes Bay, Cameron has run Hustler bale feeders now for 7 years, both 3PH and Trailing models. Take a look at what he has to say about his trusty Chainless 4000 round & square bale feeder...

Tim Mathewson, Hororata (New Zealand) – Mega Comby

Hororta based dairy farmer Tim Mathewson who is feeding his cattle with beet, potatoes, carrots, pit silage and bales, recently upgraded to a Mega Comby X to cut the time it takes to feed out...

Warick Harwood, Golden Bay (New Zealand) – Chainless X5000

Warick Harwood's dairy farm in Takaka is just 55 hectares and he is milking 120 cows. Having managed the operations of a local hay & silage contractor find out why he chose the Chainless X5000 bale feeder for his farm...

Cody Sawley, Alberta (Canada) – Chainless X5000

"No noise, no stress on equipment".

H & I Campbell, Northumberland (UK) – SL700X

"Best bit of kit I have bought for years"

Jeremy Smith, Kentucky (USA) – Chainless XR1500 Rebaler

The secret behind Hustler’s success is how it has set itself apart from the rest by listening to customer’s feedback, incorporating innovative features, and setting the industry benchmark.

Philippa Joblin, Ruapuna (New Zealand) – Chainless X5000

Philippa Joblin used to have an office job for an insurance company in the Hawkes Bay, 3 weeks ago she moved to Ruapuna in the South Island to help her sister and brother in-law on their farm. Find out how she found the Chainless bale feeder after being 'throw

Sam Richards, Lumsden (New Zealand) – Chainless X5000

When Sam Richards moved from South Africa to North Otago to set up his dairy farm, he chose a Hustler Chainless X5000 bale feeder. Find out what he has to say to his fellow countrymen about his discovery...

Paul Gow, Kurow (New Zealand) – Chainless 4000

"54 bales through my 4000 Hustler in 6 hours up the hill!"

Hamish Andreassend, Lone Star Farms (New Zealand) – SF1250 Silage Wagon

Lone Star Farms is a sheep and beef cattle farming enterprise consisting of six properties. We visited one of their properties in the Hakataramea Valley to see how their Robertson SF1250 Silage Wagon was performing.

Nathan Johnson, Tennessee (USA) – Chainless X5000

"This was the best business decision I made for feeding my hay."

Scott Charmley, Dannevirke (New Zealand) – Chainless 4000

Scott Charmley runs a dairy farm in Dannevirke, and is feeding out with a Chainless 4000 round & square bale feeder that his father purchased in 2007. We find out how he gets 4 days of feeding done in just an hour.

David & Tracey Cotton, Wanganui (New Zealand) – SL350

David & Tracey Cotton own a 200 hectare sheep & beef property just north of Wanganui overlooking the Tasman Sea. David was feeding out the old-fashioned way when he had a very close shave, which prompted him to take action on his friend's recommendations to in

Richard & Mark Chrystall, Taihape (New Zealand)- Katipo 1150L

Spring Farms operate on 6 blocks in the Taihape region, run by brothers Mark & Richard Chrystall, with over 22,000 stock units and 350 hectares of winter crops. Mark tells us about the importance of application timing and how much difference it can make to yie

Nick Bertram, Manawatu (New Zealand) – SL350 & Katipo Sprayer

SL-350 & Katipo Sprayer - Nick Bertram, Manawatu

Lyndon Campbell, Rai Valley (New Zealand) – Katipo Sprayer

Take a look at the modification this Rai Valley farmer made to his Katipo sprayer for broadcast fertiliser application as low as 60L/Ha, by adding secondary boomless applicator...

Scott Clearwater, Otago (New Zealand) – Chainless X2500

When Scott Clearwater, a Sheep & Beef farmer in Palmerston, Otago, asked his contractor to make his balage bale as fine chop as possible, he didn't realise the size of his windrow would be too big for feeding sheep...

Steve Synclair, Stony Creek (Australia) – Chainless X5000

teve Synclair, a dairy farmer feeding 400 cattle, runs a one man operation in Stony Creek, South Gippsland. Watch this video to see how he does it, and why he didn't hesitate to upgrade to the Chainless X5000 after feeding more than 20,000 bales with his Chain

Steve Synclair, Stony Creek (Australia) – Katipo 1150

Steve Synclair, a dairy farmer feeding 400 cattle, runs a one man operation in Stony Creek, South Gippsland. Watch this video to see how he does it, and why he didn't hesitate to upgrade to the Chainless X5000 after feeding more than 20,000 bales with his Chai

Doug Hanks, Stoney Creek, (Australia) – SL700X

Doug Hanks milks 440 dairy cows and runs 300 head of beef cattle in Stony Creek, after having tried most brands of feedout cart and found them unreliable in the past he thought he'd give Hustler a go. Read on to see what he has to say 5 years down the track...

Graeme Nicholl, Fish Creek (Australia) – Super Comby

"Our first Comby proved that we could feed square bales if we had to buy square bales in dry times, more than adequately, does a great job of feeding out chopped silage, but also means if we've got a few round bales we can throw in the wagon and feed them"

Jason Hodgson (Scotland) – SL350

In the beautiful rolling countryside of Dunblaine, Scotland, Jason Hodgson, originally from New Zealand runs a very tidy farming operation, finishing 200 cattle per year...

Andrew Gordon (Scotland) – SL700X

We recently visited a beef farm up in Pitlochry, Scotland to see how their 5-year-old Hustler SL700X bale feeder had been performing...

Dougal & Cecilia Simmonds, Rerewhakaaitu Deer Farm (New Zealand) – SL700X

Rerewhakaaitu Deer farmers, Dougal and Cecilia Simmonds are very pleased with the countless hours and frustration their 2-year-old Hustler SL700X bale feeder has saved them, since it replaced an old silage wagon...

Phillip Harper, Carew (New Zealand) – Chainless X5000

Dairy farmer, Phillip Harper from Carew, Mid Canterbury, used to flick his square bales out with the front loader, which wasn't successful, so he decided to invest in a bale feeder

Daniel Arismendi, Manuka Farms (Chile) – Super Comby EX

“It’s much more efficient than the other wagons we had, faster, and you can feed bales”

Cristopher Ibarra R (Chile) – SL700X

Feeding 8-10 round bales of silage per day, Cristopher Ibarra choose Hustler's SL700X some 3 years ago for his feeding duties, and is rapt to discover that it has saved him 2 staff...

Robert Oliver, Galatea (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

"It's just a really easy to use sprayer"

Matt Fryer, Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) – SwiftHitch

Hustler’s New Swift Hitch provides the operator with better visibility, more maneuverability and easier connecting than any tow bar quick hitch on the market which makes it easier to use, and saves your precious time. And it doesn’t stop there…

Brian O’Connor, Ohio (USA) – Chainless X2500

Brian O’Connor from Ohio is the happy owner of one of the very first Chainless X2500's delivered in the United States and very kindly sent in this video...

Tim Richards, Kentucky (USA) – Chainless X5000

Tim Richards from Kentucky chose to replace an aging TMR mixer wagon with Hustler's Chainless X5000 bale feeder for his indoor beef feedlot. Take a look at what he has to say about the conversion...

Lisa Tahau, Titiokura Station (New Zealand) – Katipo – Sheep Jetter

Simon and Lisa Tahau have managed the steep and rocky Titiokura Station for around 15 years, and 2 years ago they purchased a one of Hustler's Katipo Sheep Jetter sprayer packs for jetting 4000 lambs each year. Watch the video to see what she has to say about

Michael Groome, Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) – Super Comby

"I'd definitely recommend a Super Comby if you're looking to buy a feed wagon, we've had no issues at all feeding maize grain, palm kernel, maize silage, and baleage."

Mike Symons, Otago (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150 Sprayer & Raven GPS System

South Otago Beef Farmer, Mike Symons couldn't speak highly enough of his new Katipo 1150 Boom sprayer, having purchased it to get his fodder-beet sprayed in a timely manner, and his agronomist is rapt with the health of his crop as a result of excellent applic

Queensland (Australia) – Chainless X5000

After 6 trouble free years of feeding out both round and square bales, upgrading to the new Chainless X5000 model was a no brainer for this Australian farmer. Watch the video to see what he has to say...

Sheep Farmer, Queensland (Australia) – Chainless X5000

A common problem that we come across in most corners of the world is really tightly packed bales that just simply will not feed out with a standard cradle type chain feeder. And the problem these farmers have is that for the past few years they fed out fine, a

Robert Bishop, Taranaki (New Zealand) – SL360X

When a dairy farmer from Egmont Village in the Taranaki, Robert Bishop's bale feeder fell to pieces, he knew he had to replace it with a tough, reliable feeder from a reputable brand. Robert and Fiona are absolutely rapt with the service and support he got fro

Brent Growcott, Georgetown (New Zealand) – Katipo 890L

Having proved how good his Chainless X5000 was over the last 2 winters, when it came time for Brent Growcott of Georgetown, North Otago to purchase a new sprayer, the choice was easy! Watch the video to see why...

Scott Merieka, Wisconsin (USA) – Chainless X5000

For Scott Merieka the difference the Chainless X5000 has made to his operation in Wisconsin has been amazing! We caught up with Scott, who was willing to share his story (on camera) about how the X5000 transformed his calving rates, herd capacity and much mor

Matt Tuckwiller, West Virginia (USA) – Chainless X5000

Check out what Matt Tuckwiller says about his Chainless X5000 and what the benefits are compared to a hay unroller.

Stuart Bowie, New Zealand – Super Comby

When a resourceful Hustler fan, Stuart Bowie of Otaio, South Canterbury was faced with the dilemma of all his fodder beet being at the wrong end of the farm, take a look at this short video to see what he done...

David Hurford, Katunga (Australia) – Super Comby

"The single biggest reason we chose the Comby feeder is because we only needed one machine to do it all."

Hustler acquires Robertson Manufacturing

Hustler Equipment is pleased to announce the acquisition of Robertson Manufacturing, a company founded by Don Robertson in 1977 in Hinds, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Ben, Pleasant Point (New Zealand) – Mega Comby XL

This Pleasant Point dairy farmer needed a new feeder wagon for his farm, knowing that he'd be feeding anything from chopped pit-silage to potato waste to square bales and everything in between, he chose the Robertson Mega Comby XL. Why? Read on...

Ron, Wairarapa (New Zealand) – Super Comby EX

Unique to Hustler is a Grain Feeding System that is designed for Comby Feeder Wagons, but can be fitted to Silage Wagons of any colour and adds whole new level of versatility to the Feedout wagon, and you can save an extra pass in the field Everyday.

Wayne Hill, Te Kuiti (New Zealand) – Katipo 890

Wayne Hill, of Te Kuiti is rapt with his new Katipo sprayer. Wayne runs a 20,000 stock unit sheep and beef farm and sprays around 700 hectares each year of pasture and thistle spraying

Matt Long, Northland (New Zealand) – Katipo 680

Have you been scared off from taking advantages of the substantial cost savings achieved by applying liquid fertiliser, because of the large capital investment in equipment?

Callumn Broomhall, Meander (Australia) – Chainless X5000

We visit McLennan Holdings in Meander, Tasmania, who recently replaced their Chainless 4000 with the all new X5000.

Ian Dickson, Milawa (Australia) – Chainless X5000

Monsieur Jourel from France is just one of the many farmers around the globe, who after proving the benefits with their first Hustler, came back for a second...

Willie Berkers, Waikato (New Zealand) – SL360X

Willie Berkers visited the Hustler team at the New Zealand Fieldays 2016 to tell the boys how much he loves his new Hustler bale feeder, the all new SL360X...

John, Te Awamutu (New Zealand) – Silage Wagon

"We purchased the highest specified Side feed silage wagon in February 2001, it is still going strong and the annual maintenance is incredibly low"

Martin, Ashburton (New Zealand) – Super Comby

"The Super Comby was the best purchase we have ever made, with the capacity and performance it can feed out everything and has saved me time and labour costs"

Tim, Rakaia Island (New Zealand) Mega Comby XL

"We look at total cost of ownership when purchasing any machinery. We take into account the storage capacity, the products required to be fed out, the efficiency of feeding out, potential downtime and maintenance costs. In the case of feed out machinery, the M

Ged, Warrnambool (Australia), Feedout wagon

"Over the years I have purchased 4 Robertson machines. They are the strongest, most reliable, hardest working machine around. With the capability of feeding out silage, round & square bales so it also saved us capital expenditure by eliminating the need to pur

Mark Coots, Mildura (Australia) – Super Comby

"Our farm is quite remote so the most important thing is reliability. The Super Comby has proven to us over the past few seasons that it is the most reliable machine available"

Lorne Zentner, Consul (Canada) – Chainless X5000

These photos show an Alfalfa bale after being fed out with a Hustler bale feeder, feeding in high winds.

Darryl Dostal, Rice Lake (USA) – CH2000 Hurricane

"I’m Darryl Dostal from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. I enjoy running the Hustler, it handles the hay better than anything I’ve run for products for busting up round bales. I got the Hurricane on this one and it tears it apart, fluffs it, more than I can ask for in an

David Fiske, Virginia Tech, Raphine (USA) – Chainless X5000

As the pasture starts to dry off as we head into summer, we don't know how dry it will get, but we do know that the sooner we prepare for drought the more chance we have of handling the demand on feed supply...

Jaiden Drought (New Zealand) – Farm Trader Test – SL360X

As the pasture starts to dry off as we head into summer, we don't know how dry it will get, but we do know that the sooner we prepare for drought the more chance we have of handling the demand on feed supply...

Jess Singh, Waikato (New Zealand) – SL360X

Do you remember Hustler's first ever Farm Trader test? In March 2010 Farm Trader featured on their cover Todd McBreen, a North Canterbury beef farmer fattening cattle destined for Macca's burgers... with Hustler's newly released SL350 bale feeder which he'd ju

John & Jaron Fraser, Haka Valley (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

These guys love it! John Benny & Jaron Fraser of Haka Valley, Kurow are very impressed with features of their new Katipo 1150 litre 12 metre sprayer. ʺit's much more than what I originally thoughtʺ says John. Previously they were using a contractor, now they s

PJ Hynes, Co. Roscommon (Ireland) – SL350

“The Hustler bale feeder is the best investment I have made since constructing a slatted shed for my cattle and purchasing a tractor. We currently feed over 300 bales a year and since the arrival of the Hustler it has saved me from the back breaking work of fo

Chris Jennings, West Coast (New Zealand) – SL450X

“I find this a very good feeder for feeding in the troughs, it’s very accurate to get it in there, no spillage.”

Ella Anderson, University of Tasmania (Australia) – Chainless X5000

“I have to say the new Chainless X5000 bale cart is fantastic and a great improvement on the 4000, we have noticed a big difference in the amount of hay we are feeding out and reduced wastage”.

Murray Ballantine, Southland (New Zealand) – SL350

“We get excellent feed-out lines, with the material being spread over a long distance which is ideal for us. I’ve also used it for taking hedge clippings to the burning pit – works well” says Murray. “Hustler made sure we were happy with it from day one.” The

Adrian Williams, Mid Wales (UK) – SL350

"We think the world of the SL-350, we feed between 7-800 bales per year through it to our suckler beef herd. I would say at a guess that we have owned our machine for at least 6 years which means we’ve fed out approximately 4-5000 bales, we only use rounds. Le

Eric Elsner, University of Georgia (USA) – Chainless 4000

"In certain times of the year we'll use hay rings, we'll use hay trailers with heavy use areas, so we feed with rings, we feed with hay trailers along with the bale feeder, but a 1000 times over, a 1000 times over this bale feeder is a far way better in my opi

Cricklewood Angus, Tahaenui Station, Nuhaka (New Zealand) – Chainless X5000

The Chainless X5000 is a credit to Hustler

Agricultural Contractor – Patoka, Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) – Fox 1800

"We bought it at the start of Spring and have already done about 1700 hectares with it,  we've had a really good run, it seems to go pretty well with the sort of country we do it on. 

Dairy Farmer, Waikato (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

"It's all very simple to use."

Machinery Dealer (Australia) – Katipo 1150

"More than impressive, it was beyond my expectation. From the extremely functional design, strength, extra features and direct benefits, ease of maintenance, performance and product finish. You have it all covered!" - Katipo 1150/12

Dairy Farmer, Methven (New Zealand) – Chainless 4000

“We winter our own stock and would average around 1500 bales per year. The machine is easy to use, with very few moving parts which were a strong influencing factor when making the purchase back in June 2012, we just love it”

Dairy Farmer, Balclutha (New Zealand) – Katipo 890

It’s nice and solid, easy to get on and off my 130HP tractor, and tank size is excellent for my rolling-steep country

Bradon Price, Upper Grey Valley (New Zealand) – Sprayer

"The Venturi filler is great and it is faster to fill with this than water from the cowshed. The self-levelling suspension on the boom is fantastic!"

Kent Tisdall, Macraes Flat (New Zealand) – Katipo

“The Auto rate is good, maintaining the application rate well"

Beef Farmer, Waitaki Valley (New Zealand) – Chainless X5000

"I think it’s 100% better than the last model, teases it up a bit better and feeds out 100% better.   The old one seemed to chuck it out in chunks and this one seems to tease it up a lot better, the whole chassis and everything is just a bit bulkier"

Mark Mahnken, Missouri (USA) – Chainless X5000

The CHX5000 has performed well in our operation, as a bale unloader in our bunker silo where we load the hay directly into our feed trucks as well as unloading big bales directly into fence line bunks.

Dairy Farmer, Victoria (Australia) – Chainless X5000

It’s a lot smoother with how it rotates the bale.

Dairy Farmer, Fish Creek (Australia) – Chainless X5000

"as it’s feeding over the top you can see that the main part of the bale just wants to stay down, you can tell it’s not going to block.  Feeds out beautifully, very happy with it"

Dairy Farmer, Cobden (Australia) – Chainless X5000

"The feed out side of it is 100% better the way you've changed it"

Contractor, Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) – CXR Softhands

"I've used many bale handlers both in Ireland and in New Zealand and this is by far the best I've used for loading and stacking because of the longer hand and the shape of the curve"

Dairy farmer, Taupo (New Zealand) – Fox 1800

“Tank volume was number one because a lot of time is wasted filling up.”

Farm Trader Test, Taranaki (New Zealand) – Fox 1500

"This boom is by far the best set-up I have come across to date – it has everything you could ever want and more"

Mixed cropping farmer, Blenheimm (New Zealand) – Condor AM-12

“ This unit compared with my old one would cut my spraying time in half I reckon.”

Dairy farmer, Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) – Condor AM-12 Sprayer

“ I honestly thought that something would be broken somewhere after 400Ha, even getting tangled in fences a number of times! However, I haven’t managed to break a thing!”

Dairy farmer, Tokoroa (New Zealand) – Condor AM-14 Sprayer

“100 times better dollar for dollar than any other brand I’ve owned".

Dairy farmer, Timaru (New Zealand) – Genuis 1000 Sprayer

We researched most brands available on today’s market. We decided the Genius was the way to go.

Sheep and beef farmer, Marlborough (New Zealand) – Genius 1000 Sprayer

This beast has saved me 30-40% of my precious time.

Farm Trader Test, Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150 sprayer

The new Katipo range could have been aptly named the Smart Sprayer range, because of its simplicity and the fact it was designed with the Kiwi farmer in mind

Agricultural Contractor, Otago (New Zealand) – Mega Softhands

I believe they are the best on the Market

Agricultural contractor, Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) – Mega Softhands

Very maneuverable. So easy to adapt from square to round bales.

Agricultural contractor, Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) – Mega Softhands

We done 145,000 bales with our last set of Mega’s

Sheep and Beef Farmer, North Canterbury (New Zealand) – SL350

After three feed out seasons and about 2000 bales we're pleased we changed to the SL-350, as it has been very reliable, an important feature for our one man operation

Sheep, Goat and Deer farmer, Cromwell (New Zealand) – SL700X

We purchased the SL700X because it ticked all the boxes!

Roadley Farms, Ashburton (New Zealand) – Chainless 4000

We did a reasonable amount of research and it came down to 3 brands, however the Hustler Chainless system had some good advantages.

Farming Group, Morrinsville (New Zealand) – Chainless 4000

We didn’t hesitate to purchase our fifth Hustler balefeeder recently

Dairy farmer, West Coast (New Zealand) – SL700X

I was no longer going to have another flat floor feeder

Paul, Oaklane Stables (New Zealand) – Chainless 2000

The Hustler bale feeder is reliable and easy to operate.

Wagyu Beef farm, Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) – Chainless 2000

“After having feeding out more than 23,000 bales, with minimal maintenance carried out over the last 13 years and with no major breakdowns, the decision was easy

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