See what Hustler owners from all around the world have to say about our farming equipment.

Mauricio Martinez, Puerto Octay (Chile) – Unrolla TX205

"This is a very robust machine, very strong, good materials, good steel, easy to work with"

Chris Box, Victoria (Australia) – Chainless TX205

"It streamlines the job and makes it more convenient for getting the job done"

Laura Le Quesne, Piriaka (New Zealand) – Applic8r LX1150

"Everything is simple, user friendly which is perfect for us"

Jim Bob Collins, Mitchell Oregon (USA) – Combi RX178

"It's allowing us to be more efficient and faster and to feed better because we can blend that hay as it's coming out, and to know exactly how many pounds we're putting on the ground."

Maurice Porcel, Salles (France) – Unrolla LM105T

"It's a very simple machine ... The chains are brilliant. I strongly recommend it."

Bob Ethell Beeac, Victoria (Australia) – Unrolla TE205

“With the other brands, it just bashes straight into the feeder itself, whereas the Hustler, it lowers it into it”

Pat & Patrick Hargadon, Kentucky (USA) – Chainless TX205

“It spreads the compaction, it spreads the erosion out, so you’re not completely devastating one area”

Grant Barnes, Tasmania, (Australia) – LM105 Unrolla

“I would recommend Hustler, they’re good quality machines and everything works very well with them”

Shane Moxey, Forbes (Australia) – Combi RX148

“You load the Hustler up, take it out to the field, spread out the feed and all gets eaten, no waste, less compaction on the paddock”

Kevin Rhind, Buln Buln, Victoria, (Australia) – Unrolla TX205

“It’s good because we can carry three bales at a time, on the front and on the back”

Ian Hutchinson, Ahuroa, (New Zealand) – LX104 Chainless & Softhands

“Some days you’ll get a nice dry one, other days you’ll get quite a wet silage one but they feed out equally as well”

James Coy, Kirksville, Kentucky (USA) – LX105 Unrolla

“There’s much less loss because of the lack of destruction to the ground and the lack of waste for the hay”

Carlos Benavides, Puerto Varas (Chile) – Unrolla TE205

“With this bale feeding system we work better, the feed is better used, there is less trampling, it is easier for the animals to eat it”

Peter King, Canterbury (New Zealand) – Combi RX178

“It’s got less moving parts, it just seems more idiot-proof to me and couldn’t be happier.”

Tony Reynolds, Burnham (New Zealand) – Combi RX148

“We chose the Hustler because it didn’t have floor chains”

Max Hall, Awanui Station (New Zealand) – LX1150 EagleTech™

“Sometimes I like to find fault, just so I can wind the salesman up but I won’t be winding any salesmen up on this one”

George Blackwell, Pahiatua (New Zealand) – Chainless LM104

“I’m really pleased with it, pleased with the money we spent to buy it.”

Paul Tobin, Eskdale (Australia) – Combi CM116

“It just makes life much easier and you’re saving yourself a hundred and fifty thousand bucks”

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