See what Hustler owners from all around the world have to say about our farming equipment.

Kent Smith, Missouri (United States) – Combi RX148

“I can throw anything into this box and it’s going to come out and be fed the way I want it to, in a nice line down the field where the cattle aren’t stomping every bit of it into the mud”

Brett Farrell, Parakao (New Zealand) – Applic8r LX1150 Sprayer

“I definitely recommend this machine, it’s brilliant, easy-to-use, good price, well-constructed, durable and they’ll customise it to what you want.”

John Vallance, Tangiteroria (New Zealand) – Softhands LX200

“They last for a long time so in that respect they’re saving us a lot of money because we’re not having to go and replace them all the time.”

Duncan, Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom) – Unrolla LX105

“The Hustler unroller is ideal for my job and I’m also saving at least 6L of diesel per day so far.”

Clinton Fawthorpe, Clydevale (New Zealand) – Combi RX148

“We switched to the Hustler Combi feeder because of the reputation it’s got to be very durable and the Chainless floor to minimise breakdowns.”

Gerard Coll, Timaru (New Zealand) – Chainless LX104

“I don’t know what the parts system with Hustler is like, because I never had to use it. That’s what I like.”

Russell & Gary Nevill, Moa Creek (New Zealand) – Chainless TX205

“It takes the guess-work out of setting up a bale correctly on the bed.”

Craig Smith, Manawatu (New Zealand) – Combi CM116

“Buying a Hustler is the best decision I’ve made”

Clay Chattaway, Alberta (Canada) – Chainless X5000/TX205

“Maintenance-free is an efficiency that we’re always looking for and Hustler seems to be able to provide that. It looks like it will have a fairly long life.”

Bryan Tucker, Greytown (New Zealand) – Softhands®LM100

“We have worn quite a few out and broken other brands of Softhands®.”

Paul Robottom, Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) – Chainless LX104

“Our new Chainless LX104 has worked flawlessly, so far.”

Mark Tapley, South Canterbury (New Zealand) – Silage Wagon SF1500

“It’s robust, solid and well built. It’s going to be very hard for us to break it”

Adam Atkinson, South Devon (United Kingdom) – Combi CM136

“Everything we got from Hustler is well built and simple and we won’t have to replace it for a very long time”

Scott Simmons, Ontario (Canada) – Chainless X2400/LX104

“We bought it to save time. But in the grand scheme of things it has improved the quality of life for the horses.”

Bob Boyce, Pennsylvania (United States) – Chainless X2400/LX105

“From a company point of view, they're a good strong product and easy to work with"

Ted & Jed Miller, Baskin, Louisiana, (United States) – Chainless X5000/TE205

“We’ve been impressed, as we just haven’t done anything to the feeder other than routine maintenance. No repair work on this machine unlike other brands we’ve had,”

Roger Cornish, Gippsland (Australia) – Katipo/Applic8r 680

“You can’t do any better when looking at competitor sprayer brands.”

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