See what Hustler owners from all around the world have to say about our farming equipment.

Joe Burgess, Rangitata ( New Zealand ) – Combi CM156

“It’s an awesome machine, easy for staff to use. Excellent piece of kit in our business”

Aaron Whiffin, Narooma (Australia) – Chainless TX205

"We stand by that machine very, very much"

Kurt Sloss, Amberley (New Zealand) – Applic8r LX1150

“You can pretty much go into the paddock, turn the unit on and you just keep driving until you’re finished”

Brenton Hore, Wymah (Australia) – Regener8r LM630 chain harrows

“You can fold up and then just drive straight into the paddock. They’re efficient and easy to use.”

Peter Young, Walcha (Australia) – Applic8r Mounted Boom Sprayer

“With its unique suspension, we can cover some quite rough, steep country”

John Pethybridge, Whorouly (Australia) – Combi RX148

“It just makes life a lot easier for us and makes us avoid a lot less stress,”

Steve Watson, Simpson (Australia) – Applic8r LX1150

“If any farmer asked me what I thought of the Hustler boom sprayer, I’d say it’s brilliant and recommend them to anyone,”

Mark Cleaver, Hawera (New Zealand) – Combi RX148

"Just works brilliantly where there is no blockages, no time wasting swapping implements over."

Lance Yanish, New Salem (United States) – Applic8r LX1150

“I couldn’t imagine not having this unit now. It’s just making life way easier.”

Kyle Shobe, Montana (United States) – Unrolla LX105

“It has cut down our feeding time immensely.”

Frank Archer, Tasmania (Australia) – Combi RX178

“Hustler has a really good combination of practicality and ease of use”

Drew Kennedy, Abernethy (Scotland) – Unrolla LX105

"We have rolled out about 1250 to 1300 bales so far this year, and it has never missed a beat."

Robert Perkins, Western District (Australia) – Unrolla TX205

"That's why I bought it, because it is just a good machine."

Matthew Jones, Manawatū-Whanganui (New Zealand) – Chainless TX205

“It’s definitely a good machine. So I’d recommend it to whoever’s interested in one,”

Steve Hallam, North Yorkshire (United Kingdom) – Unrolla LM105

“I’d recommend it to anybody. Just get one on demo. And you’ll see straight away. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned,”

Colin Mathis, Tokoroa (New Zealand) – Chainless TX205

“Cheap to run, cheap maintenance. No problems. Can’t go wrong,”

Boyd Houghton, Tirau (New Zealand) – EzFeed SM110

“I believe that Hustler’s got the best gear out, for dairy farmers, sheep farmers, cattle farmers, to do this bulk feeding. They require a good machine to actually do the hard work,”

Justin Stevens, Marlborough (New Zealand) – Applicr8r LX890

“It’s built very, very strongly. It just handles so well,”

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