Rai Valley Farmer modifies Hustler sprayer for fertiliser application

Published 22nd June 2017
New Zealand

Take a look at the modification this Rai Valley farmer made to his Katipo sprayer for broadcast fertiliser application as low as 60L/Ha, by adding secondary boomless applicator…

Lyndon Campbell owns a Hustler Katipo 680 sprayer with an 8 metre DuraBoom, the toughest boom on the market, for all his pasture spraying needs. When the time came for his broadcast fertiliser application needs, utilising typical kiwi ingenuity Lyndon fitted a Teejet BoomJet applicator, which can apply fertiliser at 12 metres wide and as low as 60L/Ha, to the sprayer. This is such a great idea, because as most farmers know, there’s huge fertiliser savings to be had by applying liquid fertiliser as a foliar application opposed to dry application and waiting for the rain to absorb it into the soil. 

“it works brilliantly”



BoomJet nozzles are available in a range of sizes, from 10 – 19 metre (32′ – 62′) swath widths, and application rates of 30 – 250L/Ha. 

Lyndon made a neat little mount so he can collapse it so the booms can still be folded down and used when required for spraying out and plumbed it into a spare valve on his controller. This is great because applying without a boom can save a lot of time, especially at this swath width and there’s less to watch out for.

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