Introducing the all-new Combi RX² multi-feeder range.

Bale Feeders

More Australian farmers choose Hustler bale feeders, bale unroller and feed out carts than any other brand. Because they’re built tougher, more reliable, feed both round & square bales, they maximize feed use, minimize feed waste, save you time and are a pleasure to use.

Feedout Wagons

Proven in the field, around the world, Hustler offers discerning farmers Combi Wagons – for larger scale farmers who rely on a combination of silage, bales, root crops and a variety of supplementary feeds. Farmers that want one multi feeder that fulfils all their feeding needs.

Soft Hands

Handling round or square, small or big, Soft Hands® bale handlers with their patented features are designed to handle more bales with less deformation or damage, than any other bale grab, bale clamp or bale handler. Soft Hands® bale grabs are ready to fit your skid steer loader, tele-handler, or front end loader.

Boom Sprayers

The Revolutionary Applic8r range of boom sprayers now with our amazing boom suspension EagleTech boom means more hectares per hour, and less downtime. With the Industries best warranty, Unique best in class agitation and mixing, Toughest design on the market, User friendly low profile tanks and FREE delivery, installation and training – with a Hustler boom sprayer, you’re covered.

Tip Trailers

The toughest tip trailers around. Australia’s best farmers have been asking for a strong trailer, with a longer lasting steel deck, reinforced sides that handle a beating from rocks, and a twist resistant structure to prevent roll-over when tipping.

Bale Cutters

The Innovative BaleSlice is developed specifically for cutting and removing bale wrap from the comfort of your operators seat. Grab, cut, load and dump waste all without leaving your cab. And yes you can even split part bales into hay rings 


Grapple Buckets

The Game-Changing GrappleMax bucket grapple which allows operators to grab square bales, cut the strings from ground height and load TMR mixer wagons without loose feed, or your knuckles. Not only squares, this bad boy is so versatile that once hitched you’ll struggle to find a reason to swap attachments!

Loader Attachments

Our motto is simple, we invest more thought than anyone else into the design for the operator’s convenience, and durability. So when you invest in Hustler, you’re investing in a superior attachment even for the most simple products such as our practical and affordable Bale Forks, Muck Scrapers, ShearGrabs, Auger Buckets, Swift Hitches, 3 point euro hitch adapters, and more and we stand behind them with a 5 Year No Bull Warranty for peace of mind

What our customers say

Combi RX218

“The Hustler RX218 has improved our efficiency, probably threefold”

“Definitely recommend Hustler, and especially for us the RX218”

“The best thing about the Combi RX218 is its ease of use”

Mark Oliver – Combi RX218 – Mayura Station, South Australia 

Chainless TX205

“With a Hustler Chainless TX205 you save a lot of bales”

“Recovery time on the paddocks is a lot faster than with a ring feeder”

Aaron Whiffen, Narooma,Victoria, Australia – Chainless TX205 Bale Feeder

LoadMax TX114

“It pretty much paid for itself for the first day. I was after a trailer that could pretty much do everything and this seemed to tick all the boxes. 

Nick Lissamon, Beef farmer, Victoria, Australia – LoadMax TX114



Applic8r LX1150

“With its unique suspension, we can cover some quite rough, steep country”

“I went from on a good day 40 hectares but with the new EagleTech boom, I’m getting between 60 and 70 hectares a day which is a huge improvement,”

Peter Young Walcha, New South Wales, Australia – Applic8r LX1150

BaleSlice LX190

“It’s not too complicated. Definitely makes things a lot easier and you won’t be disappointed. I recommend the Hustler BaleSlice mainly just for the ease of use”

Rowan Fetterplace, Beef farmer, Osterley, New South Wales, Australia – BaleSlice LX190

Unrolla TX205

“I liked the idea that Hustler had full control over the bales”

“I liked the old machine so much that I bought another one”

Robert Perkins, Woodhouse, Western Districts, Victoria, Australia – Unrolla TX205

Combi RX218

“If we’re looking at feeding both silage and hay out, the Hustler Combi RX218 was probably the best option for that”

“The main benefit of the Hustler Combi to our operation is efficiency”

Justin Lobb, Locmaria Farms, Australia – Combi RX218

ScoopMax LX240

“The main benefit of the ScoopMax has been keeping a clean face on the silage stack”

“We’ve noticed silage savings since we’ve bought the ScoopMax”

Sam Martin, Wall Flat, South Australia – ScoopMax LX240

Combi RX218

“We’ve now six months ago since getting the machine, it’s exceeded our expectations”

“The innovation of the chainless floor has made it less maintenance and wonderful to use”

“I’d totally recommend buying a Hustler machine to anyone”

Ian Cougle, Baw Baw foothills, Gippsland, Australia – Combi RX218

Regener8r LM630

“You can fold up and then just drive straight into the paddock”

“They’re efficient and easy to use”

Brenton Hore, Wymah, New South Wales, Australia – Regener8r LM630

Chainless TX205

“This Hustler machine, it actually tears the silage rolls to bit much easier, which allows them to feed out much quicker and smoother and in a much nicer line.”

Chris Box from Carboor, Victoria in Australia – Chainless TX205

Combi RX178

“We maximise the load quantity or volume whilst minimising trips”

“Hustler has a really good combination of practicality and ease of use”

“The Hustler has got good build quality”

Frank Archer, Landfall Angus in Tasmania, Australia – Combi RX178

Unrolla TX205

“I can feed out two rolls of hay in a relatively short period of time”

“The Hustler allows you to control the rate that you feed it out”

“I couldn’t be happier with this one you know”

Pat Watkin, Mount Barker, Western Australia – Unrolla TX205

EzFeed SX210

“The three axles sprung and get a very, very good comfortable ride, going across a bumpy paddock”

“It’s very well built, very strong. I can see it lasting a long time, and for the bigger operations, I think they’re a must.”

Brian Ginders, North Canterbury, New Zealand – EzFeed SX210

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