New EagleTech Boom

Our all-NEW boom series for the new Applic8r range,

Glides like an Eagle. Applies with precision. 

Glides like an Eagle. Applies with precision. EagleTech Onboard. 

When it comes to boom stability and application accuracy, EagleTech is a clear class winner! Featuring Yaw, Vertical, and individual Sectional suspension, hydraulic boom dampeners for a silky smooth glide like an eagle, in-line sectional filters, transport boom-locks, and the most user-friendly wing-lift means you’ll be covering more ground with an eagle, no matter how rough! 

And backed by Hustler’s 4 year warranty, peace of mind comes standard.


Hydraulic Boom Dampeners

Hydraulic Boom Dampeners on the self-leveling and end section suspension create the most amazingly supple boom ride, something not comparable in a boom of this size.

In-Line Sectional Filters

Maximise that spraying window by eliminating blocked nozzles and nozzle filters, in-line section filters eliminate the need to run nozzle filters meaning you only need to change 5 sectional filters instead of 28 fiddly little nozzle filters.

Double Nozzles Bodies

Tripple nozzle bodies allow for 3 pre-set nozzle sizes reducing the time it takes to switch between crops and they’re protected by the structure of the boom to further prevent downtime.

New EagleTech Boom Three Nozzle

Full Wing-Lift

Full individual wing-lift from the hip of the boom makes this the ultimate boom when working in undulating to steep country and is an absolute pleasure to operate.

Unique End-Section Suspension

The end sections are suspended separately from the intermediate section, therefore reducing the weight from the boom and increasing longevity and boom stability.

Unique Mast Rollers

Using Mast Rollers instead of slides reduces friction on the vertical suspension creating a more supple ride and reducing the impact on the boom when operating on rough terrain.

Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless Steel lines are stronger and less prone to damage should debris hit the boom.


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