CakeBucket Auger Buckets

Increase the efficiency of your feeding routine thanks to the toughest auger bucket on the market!

For maize, pit silage, grains and any supplementary feeds

Hustler CakeBucket auger bucket is a perfect feed out attachment for your front end loader and skid steer. Designed to handle any dry feed such as maize, corn, grain, beefcake, pallets, PKE and more with ease.

4 Reasons to Choose CakeBucket

1. Versatility

One machine = more uses! The CakeBucket auger bucket offers versatility for a great return on investment. CakeBucket will feed out maize, corn, grain, beef cake, pallets, PKE and more with ease. Scoop & feed in one pass, no changing of implement required!

Cakebucket front right tilted 3
Cakebucket working feeding out side chute 4

2. Dual feed side

Discharge to either left or right hand sides reducing tractor movements and increasing usability in tight barn / indoor feeding situations.

3. Visibility

Being loader mounted makes it easier for the operator to see the location of feeding. The inclusion of two feed directors (one on each side) increases ease of use and accuracy, reducing wastage and unnecessary labour.

Cakebucket working feeding out side chute
Cakebucket working closeup side chute 2

4. Compact

A compact design makes the CakeBucket ideal for feeding in confined or tight feedpad / barn situations.

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Features & Benefits


Featuring left or right hand feed discharge for more feeding versatility. Easy setup when feeding into troughs reducing tractor turning movements and is ideal for the tight feed pad / barn situations!


Aggressive agitators prevents feed suspension and increases feeding versatility. This allows you to feed any light supplementary feed! maize silage, pit silage and grains!


Toughest Cutting edge

110 x 16mm (4.33 x 0.62”) Hardox HB500 Abrasion Resistant cutting edge. Used in mining & earthmoving machinery, this gives the toughest cutting edge.

CakeBucket LM180 07 wshadows v2

5 year Warranty

Backed by Hustler’s market leading 5-year warranty. You get peace of mind, you’ll have the auger bucket with the strength and reliability you deserve.

CakeBucket LM180 01 wshadows v2
CakeBucket LM180 09 wshadows v2

Reinforced Backing Plate

Reinforced backing plates for durability and toughness in design!

Wide Feed Exit Hole

The large exit hold prevents jamming of feed and allows a free flow of feeding!


Application Loose material feeding
Unit Weight 614 kg | 1,166.25lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1800 mm x 1150mm x 1603mm | 74” x 63.1”x 45 1/4"
Capacity 1.28 m³ | 1.67 yd³
Hydraulic required 45 L/min | 11.9 gallons/min

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