Bale Feeders

More farmers choose Hustler than any other brand of bale feeders, processor or unroller. Because they’re built tougher, more reliable, feed both round & square bales, maximize feed use, minimize feed waste, save you time and are a pleasure to use.

Chainless Bale Feeders

Hustler’s innovative bale feeder chainless design eliminates feed chains, meaning fewer moving parts. The result is very low maintenance plus simple and safe operation.

Hustler Bale Feeders can feed round or square bales

Versatile and quiet

If it’s the most versatile, reliable, efficient and quietest bale feeder you are after (or any of the above) choose a Chainless bale feeder. Our new X-Series feeds every bale type, round, square and size. And there’s no high maintenance, noisy chains, or wearing parts to disrupt your feeding program.

Hustler Bale feeders - tight bales

Tight bales? No problem

No more waiting for those tight, belt baled bales to unwind in a conventional feeder wasting your time. Whatever bale type you have, round or square, the X-Series Chainless models will feed it out. They even make light work of bales that are frozen solid in the tough winter conditions.

Maximum Bale Nutrition - Hustler Bale Feeders

Maximum Nutrition. Minimum Waste.

Our unique Hustler 3 -1 ratio teases bales apart rather than simply unrolling it, retaining the highly nutritional leaf, making the feed more palatable for stock and reducing the amount of bale wastage keeping more money in your back pocket.

Hustler Bale feeders - feedrow control

Infinite Feedrow Control

Infinite variation in feed control allows you to feed thick for cattle, and thin for sheep to increase the palatability for your stock. You’re in control of your feeding program with total control over the feed row and loading.

Chain Bale Feeders

If it’s a simple round bale feeder you are after choose a chain type Hustler bale feeder. Hustler build the toughest, most reliable and trusted farming machinery on the market.

heavy duty bale feeders

Toughest bale feeder on the market

Zinc plated chains rated to 12,000 lb each and with the heavy duty rollers and pins make our chain drive system almost twice as strong as our competitors. Floor bars are 4-5 times stronger torsionally than angle type bars of the same size.

snaplock bale feeder innovation

Snaplox innovation

Snaplox eliminates smashed windows and strained backs. And the unique chassis design prevents the round bale unroller mechanism from damage should it come in contact with the ground.

ergonomic bale feeder design

Ergonomic design

Our ultra-low cradle design with removable fences makes for easy loading should you not have much lift height on your tractors hitch. The longer spears also make loading easier, by reducing sag.



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Chainless X2400

Chainless Range

A round and square bale feeder that can be mounted on either a skidsteer loader, front loader, telehandler or 3 point hitch, uses our patented X series...

Chainless X2000

Chainless Range

Our work horse self-loading, 3 point hitch mounted square and round bale feeder, with the game changing X series feeding system which processes every type...

Chainless X2500

Chainless Range

The top of the range Chainless X2500 square & round bale processor feeds every type of square or round bale and has been proven on more bale types than any...

Chainless XR1500

Chainless Range

The Chainless XR1500 round bale feeder is a stationery balefeeder, developed specifically for the use of re-baling and breaking down bales for TMR’s....

Chainless X5000

Chainless Range

The top of the range trailed Chainless double bale feeder. The Chainless X5000 trailed square and round bale feeder is self-loading, suitable for feeding...


Chain Bale Feeder Range

The new SL300X bale unroller, a little brother to the SL360X, replaces our popular SL350 bale feeder. Born out of necessity, bred with Hustler DNA, the new...


Chain Bale Feeder Range

The all new SL360X Round Bale Feeder is easier to use than any other type chain feeder on the market today.  It is also the most innovative, with 6 unique...


Chain Bale Feeder Range

A self-loading 3-point-linkage mounted trough feeder suitable for feeding out into troughs, feed bunkers, over fences or onto feedpads a wide variety...


Chain Bale Feeder Range

Trailed double bale feeder suitable for feeding out the widest variety of round bales, balage, silage, hay or straw. With a unique chassis design protects...

Super Comby

Comby Range

The Super Comby is the most versatile feed out machine on the market. It literally feeds out every supplementary type of feed you can lay your hands on,...

Super Comby EX

Comby Range

The Super Comby EX is the most versatile feed out machine on the market. It literally feeds out every supplementary type of feed you can lay your hands...

Mega Comby

Comby Range

The large capacity Mega Comby is the most versatile feed out machine on the market. It feeds out every supplementary type of feed you can lay your hands...

Mega Comby XL

Comby Range

The Mega Comby XL is the largest multi feeder in the range, boasting a whopping 20m3 load level capacity, which can be increased to 24.5m3 heaped capacity...

Comby PR Series

Comby Range

The PR Series Comby feeders eliminate the need for floor chains in the main load area increasing capacity in a more compact size.  Capable of feeding...



Hustler’s New Swift Hitch provides the operator with better visibility, more manoeuvrability and easier connecting than any tow bar quick hitch on the...

Feed Savings Calculator

Most of the savings are achieved by a reduction in the amount of bale which is wasted.

Feed wastage can be caused by various factors:-

  1. Bale is not teased apart enough making it harder for stock to eat
  2. Animals laying or trampling on fodder
  3. Bales which are unfinished in a ring feeder because the ground conditions are too poor for animals to reach the rest
  4. Stock rejecting feed because of dirt, mud or other contaminants
  5. Savings can be made by feeding the right amount of the bale, and retaining the rest for the next feed
  6. By feeding over a larger area than with a ring feeder, there is less competition between the amimals

Typical savings achieved by using a Hustler Chainless bale feeder are between 15-40%, depending on your existing feeding system (chain feeders typically save 10-35%).

1Choose your current feeding system type
2 How many bales do you feed per season?
3 Cost of your bales Average cost is $70/bale
4 Choose a Hustler feeding system type

Feeding Applications

Indoor feeding

It is very common to find Hustler balefeeders operating in housed cattle operations where stock are kept indoors during winter or all year round.

Open field feeding

Traditionally balefeeders have been used in pasture-based feeding operations, which allows cattle to roam free in the pasture and the supplementary feed can be feed anywhere throughout the pasture.

Bunk/Trough Feeding

Designed to be utilised in operations that have bunks, feedpads or troughs to improve the palatability of feed, and allows the correct amount to be fed each day. Hustler Bale feeders can be mounted to front loaders, 3 point linkage or trailed in these operations.

Ring Feeding

The Hustler bale feeding system is utilised in operations that feed stock with bunks, or hay rings to improve the palatability of feed and allows the correct amount to be fed each day. Able to be mounted to front loaders or telescopic loaders to simplify bunk feeding operations.


The Chainless balefeeding system is utilised by leading rebaling operations, to tease bales apart and feed directly into the pickup of small square balers and converts 1 large round bale into 15-20 small squares in less than 4 minutes, on demand which are more saleable and higher value.

TMR Loading

With a loader mounted bale feeder operators can load the exact amount of feed directly into the TMR and because they can tease apart the bales, it substantially reduces diesel consumption, mixing time, and maintenance.

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Why Hustler

Hustler has been designing and building farm equipment since 1961. We combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks.

Our head office location in one of New Zealand’s key agricultural regions keeps us in touch with the requirements of some of the world’s best farmers. We listen, we observe, and we challenge the status quo to develop products that meet the evolving needs of agriculture. Industry-leading technology ensures meticulous manufacturing standards.

All new Hustler products undergo a grueling test programme, When they survive we stand behind them with our two-year warranty and our global dealer network.

  • Founded in 1961

  • Exporting for over 45 years

  • Created more than 15 industry first

  • More farmers choose Hustler bale feeders than any other brand*

What our customers are saying

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After-Sales Customer Care

Our dedication to you doesn’t stop when you leave the dealer. That’s because owning a Hustler should be as rewarding as the time it saves you.

All Hustler built products are backed with a full 2 year warranty for added peace of mind in the field and include Hustler’s legendary service, back up and support that exceeds your expectations.

Visit the support page to locate your nearest Accredited Dealer, Hustler Field Consultant, literature, resources, help or for after sales support

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