Bale Feeders

More farmers choose Hustler than any other brand of bale feeders, processor or unroller. Because they’re built tougher, more reliable, feed both round and square bales, maximize feed use, minimize feed waste, save you time and are a pleasure to use.

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Hustler LX105 bale unroller

Mounted Bale Unrollers

The mounted round bale unrollers Easier to use than any other type chain feeders on the market...

LM105T Feedlot Bale Unroller

Feedlot Bale Unrollers

Feedlot Bale Feeder A self-loading 3-point-linkage mounted trough feeder suitable for feeding...

Trailed Bale Unrollers

Trailed double bale feeder. Suitable for feeding out the widest variety of round bales, balage,...

Mounted Chainless bale feeders.

Mounted Chainless Bale Feeders

Mounted Chainless bale feeders. The top of the range Chainless mounted square & round bale...

Chainless TX205 Round & Square 2 Bale Feeder

Trailed Chainless Bale Feeders

The top of the range trailed Chainless double bale feeder. The Chainless trailed square and...

Chainless Rebaler SX105

Chainless Rebalers

The Chainless SX105 round bale feeder is a stationery feeder for use in rebaling...

Combi Feeders Chain Rear Floor

Combi Feeders Chain Rear Floor

The Combi Feeder chain rear floor Range the only multi feeder on the market The Combi Feeder...

Combi Feeders (Chainless rear floor) RX136

Combi Feeders Chainless Rear Floor

The unique design of the Combi Feeder chainless rear floor range provides the operator with more...

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