At Hustler, we always want to find a better way to accomplish everyday tasks. To help you find the Hustler product that’s right for you, we launched a new video serie “You ask, we answer” where our experts answer all your questions in short videos. We hope you enjoy it! Don’t hesitate to ask us your burning questions.

Why are those holes in the wiper panel?

Why is Hustler's bed flatter than some other brands?

How do I know what Bale Grab to buy?

How does a balefeeder save you up to 30% wastage compared to traditional feeding methods?

How do the spears retract without lifting the bale back off?

Can you load bales on the wrong way?

What happens when you switch the platform to the square bale position?

What is the tire upgrade is on Hustler's trailed machines?

Do all Hustler's sprayers come with air induction nozzles?


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