Which bale feeder do you choose for indoor feeding?

Published 18th February 2021

Mike Gibbs answers a commonly asked question and explains why the Unrolla is the best bale feeder option if you are feeding indoors. Unrolla bale feeders can feed out both sides of the machine which saves you more time when feeding out. 

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We often get asked; what’s the best type of bale feeder to choose either Chainless or Unrolla? The question really lies in the type of bale that you have. If you’re doing square bales you’d be best off with a chainless type machine as these can handle round and square bales with ease. The second is the actual type of material that you’re feeding if it’s tight material particularly around bales that are very tightly bound, the chainless machine is excellent at opening these out. The patented twin roller system will break these apart and give a nice fluffed up feed. On the converse, if you have short chopped material, especially bales which tend to fall apart once you take the net wrap off, the Unrolla series is best for this it has a complete cradle underneath and you can feed out any type of bale through this machine. I hope this helps, but give us a call if there’s anything else you need. Thank you!