LoadMax Flatbed Trailer

Slash your hauling costs with Hustler LoadMax flatbed trailers.


Slash your bale hauling costs with Hustler LoadMax flatbed trailers

Experience a faster, easier and more cost-effective solution for transporting bales, bins and crates, especially with seasonal workers. LoadMax flatbed trailers are designed to streamline your hauling operations, eliminating unnecessary costs and maximising efficiency.

5 Reasons why Loadmax flatbed bale trailers stand out:


1. Unbeatable cost efficiency: Maximise profits

With Hustler LoadMax, slash your transport cost per bale. Our flatbed trailers ensure the lowest cost compared to trucks, harnessing the cost-effectiveness of tractors and achieving significant savings on maintenance, capital, fuel, labour and insurance costs.

2. Hassle-free licensing: Simplify operations!

No more truck-related paperwork with LoadMax. Enjoy a smooth experience — no licensing* requirements, logbooks, or unnecessary headaches — especially when relying on seasonal workers. Streamline your operations and save valuable time!

*Licensing requirements may vary between countries

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Loadmax loading FX116 700x500

3. Lightning-fast turnaround: Stay on track

We’ve incorporated brand new features into the LoadMax to enhance your hauling experience. Enjoy hassle-free loading and unloading, customisable configurations for various load and bale sizes, and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and durable trailer, backed-up with a 5-year warranty.

4. Affordable capital investment: Smart choice!

No need to purchase extra farm equipment or modifications to accommodate a truck. LoadMax integrates with your existing tractor (or telehandler) line-up. Maximise efficiency without breaking the bank.

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Loadmax silagebales FX116 700x500

5. Flexibility and maneuverability: Unleash performance!

Easily attach and detach the trailer, empowering your tractor to handle multiple tasks instead of being limited to a dedicated truck. Navigate with ease through uneven fields, barns or narrow spaces, ensuring precise and efficient bale placement. LoadMax optimises the weight distribution, reducing strain on your tractors while ensuring stable and safe transport.

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Road Visibility Kit - Farm Trailers

Road Visibility Kit - Farm Trailers

Includes multi-volt LED Road lights, front and side marker lights, hazard panels and safety chains

Removable Tailboard

Removable Tailboard

Standard as per existing options

Quick hitch foot

Quick hitch foot

Parking stand for use with quick pick-up hitches

Features and Benefits

Hydraulic drawbar suspension

Experience a remarkably seamless ride with our fully self-contained hydraulic suspension unit, similar to a front loader. No need to plug in hoses, and the cushioning can be adjusted to the operator’s preference.

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Sprung axle

Enjoy a smooth ride at higher road speeds with our standard tandem load sharing axle with suspension.

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Monocoque chassis

Our massive monocoque chassis design offers an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, minimising weight and maximising payload capacity.

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Removeable, adjustable headboards

Our unique headboard design, along with optional tailboards, provides three adjustable positions from vertical to angled. Stack bales on their flats or rounds for increased capacity.

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Conveniently store straps, chains or any essentials in the large toolboxes coming standard on both sides of the LoadMax trailer.

Loadmax bigload sunflare FX116 700x500

Park brake

The integrated park brake makes loading and unloading on undulating terrain easy and ensures your safety.


Large floatation tyres

The large 500/50 x 22.5 wheels of the LoadMax provide impressive flotation and exceptional ground clearance for operating in all conditions.

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Hose guide

Keep your hoses and wires safe from harm’s way with the hose guide, protecting them from the tractor’s linkage arms.


Removable towing eye

Choose the towing eye that suits your preference, whether it’s an eye, ball, or clevis type coupling.

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Protected lights

Our optional lights are fully protected by the trailer structure, including side marker lights for enhanced visibility.

road visability kit

Heavy-duty jack

LoadMax’s two-speed parking jack allows for quick and easy adjustment.

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Built-in tie rail

The large diameter tie rail provides full-length tie-down points for secure transportation.

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Round Bales (single layer 5’ x 6’ / 4’ x 5’): 10 / 14
Round Bales (double layer 5’ x 6’ / 4’ x 5’): 18 / 26
Squares (up to 8’ long, single layer 4’ x 4’ / 3’ x 4’): 6 / 12
Squares (double layer 4’ x 4’ x 8’ / 3’ x 4’ x 6’): 12 / 16
Maximum load: 16,000 kg | 35,274 lb
Overall width 2500 mm | 98.4 in
Overall length: 9400 mm | 370 in
Deck height: 1280 mm | 50.3 in
Deck length: 7600 mm | 299.2 in
Headboard height: 900 mm | 35.4 in
Tare weight: 3920 kg | 8642 lb
Standard tyres: 500/50 x 22.5
Axle: Tandem load-sharing spring suspension axle
Floors: 5 mm G350
Brakes: Twin braking axle
Jack: 80 mm | 3.1 in 2-speed screw, with quick adjustment. Designed strong enough for use as quick hitch stand.
Towing eye: 50 mm | 2 in in swivelling forged eye

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