Regener8r Chain Harrows

Maximize the fertilizer value of manure post grazing with Hustler’s Regener8r Chain Harrow. Lower costs the sustainable way and increase pasture uptake!

Chain Harrow for pasture regeneration

The Hustler Regener8r Chain Harrow will improve your pasture productivity. The 4 row chain harrow promises consistent and thorough pasture harrowing / aeration, levelling and manure spreading! Also can be used for covering seed, bait and cultivation finishing.

4 Reasons to Choose Rengener8r

1. Revitalize pastures

Regenerate and improve pastures health and growth. Chain Harrowing your pasture promotes new grass growth by removing old thatch & moss, increasing air movement and water filtration and giving shoots the access to Vitamin D from the sun they need to thrive. It also aids drainage by aerating and scarifying your soil, reducing muddy patches and standing water.  Harrowing in Autumn will aid germination of grass seed over winter.

Regenar8rLX630 low angle
Regener8rLX630 wMassyFerguson working

2. Improve manure uptake

Post Grazing Harrowing helps to break up manure and evenly distribute this natural fertiliser into the soil. You will also see a reduction in pasture smothering from large piles of manure. The ReGener8r’s 4 rows of Chains means extra aggression on old dried out piles of manure.

3. Lower Fertiliser Costs

The spreading and breaking up of Natural Fertiliser from your livestock results in effective use of natural fertilizers by working it into the soil and spreading it out to prevent clumping. This in turn reduces dependence and cost of chemical fertilizers.

DSC02558 1
DSC02586 3

4. Smooth out fields

The Regener8r Chain Harrow comes in built with 3x 8mm Levelling bars enabling two functions in one pass, this results in more smoother, easier to manage and healthier pasture.

Brenton Hore, Wymah (Australia) – Regener8r LM630

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Features & Benefits

Fully fabricated harrow pieces

Fully welded and individually fabricated harrow agitators resulting in a much longer-lasting harrow and wear parts.

8mm Levelling Bar

Achieve More Everyday! The integrated bended 8mm (0.3”) levelling bar means you can achieve 2 applications in one pass.

Regener8r LX630 10 wshadows v2

Foldable Frame

Foldable 3PL frame and harrow ensure efficient space utilization in storage and transport.

Heavy Duty Frame

Strongest frame made from S355 Carbon Steel, 30% stronger than standard plus 6 strengthening struts.

Interchangeable Skids

Skid’s protect harrow from rocks and other aggressive protruding objects, and easily interchangeable in case of replacement.

skids regener8r lx680


Unit Weight 630 kg | 1389 lb
Dimensions (W x D x H) 6.30 m x 1.91 m x 1.03 m | 20.8 ft x 6.26 ft x 3.37 ft
Working width 6.30 m | 20.8 ft
Working depth 1.91 m | 6.26 ft
Capacity 13m² | 139 ft² coverage
Hydraulic required 30L/min | 7.9 gallons/min
Brenton Hore

“You can fold up and then just drive straight into the paddock. They’re efficient and easy to use.”

Brenton Hore, Wymah (Australia) - Regener8r LM630 chain harrows

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