Feedout Wagons

World Record-Breaking Feed Out Wagons

Large capacity silage wagons, that reliably feed out anything you can load in them. Round or square bales, silage, root crops, food waste and more…

Hustler’s new Combi RX218 set the world record for the highest number of bales fed by a single machine in 8 hours non-stop in real-life grass-fed farming conditions.

Livestock farmers & ranchers

Achieve more from your Cattle, Land, Time & Resources

with this clever new cattle feeding system that’s helping farmers improve their efficiency in a sustainable farming operation. 


Spraying done. On time.

We developed the Applic8r boom sprayer range with more unique, practical, time-saving features than any other sprayer.

Bale handlers

Softhands Outperform

We invested more development into Softhands® than any other brand, that’s why they outperform every other bale handler and are easier to operate.


The New Chainless Trailed Range

Never before has it been this affordable to own the next generation of trailed Chainless 2 bale feeders.

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Farm Machinery &
Farm Equipment For Sale in NZ

Livestock farmers all over Australia and New Zealand have discovered a new way to manage their day-to-day farming and livestock feeding with simpler, more versatile, and more reliable equipment from Hustler Equipment.

Innovative Farming Equipment in NZ that Saves You Time

A third-generation family business, Hustler Equipment offers farm equipment for sale in NZ and Australia, based on the ingenuity and innovation of our company’s founder. After inventing new farm machinery, he began selling his inventions and created one of the leading suppliers of farm machinery in NZ and Australia.

For a wide range of machinery options, and the chance to save time and money in your daily farming operations, buy farming machinery in NZ and Australia from the industry leader, Hustler Equipment!

A Tougher, Better Range of Farming Machinery

Our innovative farming equipment is wide-ranging, including new ways to efficiently feed cattle, handle bales, and spray crops.

Our bale feeders and feedout wagons are two of our most popular pieces of farming equipment. The bale feeders are designed to be tougher and more reliable, with fewer moving parts and less maintenance required. This range of feeders has something for every farmer, and every product in the range is designed to reduce feed waste and save you money. It’s one of the best pieces of farming equipment in New Zealand and Australia, which is why farmers from all around rely on these feeders to maximise profits and efficiency.

The range of Soft Hands bale handlers are another exciting product, which use patented features to handle more bales without causing deformation. You can carry more bales and reduce waste when you work with this innovative piece of farming equipment.

What’s more, our unique range of boom sprayers boasts the toughest designs on the market, free installation and training from one of our team members. Combine those with our notoriously tough range of tip trailers, and you’ve got a product range that just can’t be beaten.

Moneyback and Warranty

We’re so confident that our farming equipment and machinery will save you time and money, and that they’ll be as reliable as you need them to be, that we offer the best warranty and moneyback guarantee around.

Hustler Equipment gives you a hassle-free four-year warranty and a 30-day moneyback guarantee. We know you’ll love our products because they’re super tough and designed to last!

Need Support or Advice on Farm Equipment? Get in Touch!

If you’re undecided about which equipment is right for you, or if you have any questions about the specifications of the machines and equipment we offer, then there’s always someone ready to help you.

Just head over to the contact page where you’ll find phone numbers and email addresses for our headquarters, and for our bases across Australia and New Zealand. Just look for what contact is the best for you, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Find a farm machinery dealer near you. Some of our popular locations include Tasmania, WA and other locations across Australia.

We can help you with sales, and there is even a dedicated support line if you’re looking to source parts for machines you already own.

Our after-sales and support is unbeatable, so don’t hesitate to get in touch whenever you need!

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Bale Feeders

More farmers choose Hustler than any other brand of bale feeder or bale unroller. Because they’re built tougher, more reliable, feed both round & square bales, they maximize feed use, minimize feed waste, save you time and are a pleasure to use.

Feedout Wagons

Proven in the field, around the world, Hustler offers discerning farmers Combi Wagons – for larger scale farmers who rely on a combination of silage, bales, root crops and a variety of supplementary feeds. Farmers that want one multi feeder that fulfils all their feeding needs.

Boom Sprayers

Just released! The latest Applic8r range of boom sprayers, with the new Eagletech Boom and ErgoMax induction system, loaded with Hustler DNA. With the Industry’s best warranty, Unique best in class agitation and mixing, Toughest design on the market, User-friendly low profile tanks, and FREE delivery, installation, and training – with a Hustler boom sprayer, you’re covered.

Soft Hands

Handling round or square, small or big, Soft Hands® bale handlers with their patented features are designed to handle more bales with less deformation or damage, than any other bale grab, bale clamp or bale handler. Soft Hands® bale grabs are ready to fit your skid steer loader, tele-handler, or front end loader.

Tip Trailers

The toughest tip trailers around. New Zealand’s best farmers have been asking for a strong trailer, with a longer lasting steel deck, reinforced sides that handle a beating from rocks, and a twist resistant structure to prevent roll-over when tipping.

What our customers say

“I couldn’t believe it, but it saves a lot of hay. I’m not sure why but it absolutely is a fact! It’s just been a great machine for me”

Bill Fales, Colorado, USA – Chainless TX205 Bale Processor

“It’s been really easy to use, having only been here 3 weeks since moving from town”

Philippa Joblin, Canterbury New Zealand – Chainless TX205 Bale Feeder


“We buy and produce both round and square bales, so the Chainless LX105 Chainless balefeeder really suited our needs. It allows us to feed both types of hay quickly and without wastage.”

Luke Carr, Comobella, Australia – Chainless LX105 Bale Feeder

“Really easy to use, Really strongly built, and really suits this country. That’s where the Super Comby Ex outshines, is its low maintenance and has no breakdowns”

Danny Devine, Waitaki Valley, New Zealand – Super Combi CM136 Feed out wagon

“We save a lot of time with our Hustler SL360X Bale unroller. It’s not physically hard to operate the Hustler, old men like myself can work it.”

Karl Schaberreiter, Strallegg, Austria – Unrolla LX105

“After running it for a few months, we decided to go ahead and purchase two more”

Andrew Ferguson, Missouri, USA – Chainless TX205 Bale Processor

“Really happy with the machine, you can cover so quickly, you can get down to a hectare every couple of minutes”

Mark Chrystall, Taihape, New Zealand – Katipo 1150 Boom Sprayer

Customer Support

Field Consultants

For the best advice in finding the Hustler product right for you, talk to one of our field consultants.

Register Warranty

Have you recently purchased a Hustler product? All Hustler products worldwide carry a full 2-year warranty.

Feeding Guides

Get your copy of over 30,000 hours of research into comparing every system for feeding bales to cattle.

Feed Grass for Good

Is Once-a-day milking regime a tactical short-term response to feed shortage in grass-fed dairy herds?

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Is Once-a-day milking regime a tactical short-term response to feed shortage in grass-fed dairy herds?

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100% Satisfaction Is Our Commitment To You

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident about the products that we guarantee 100% satisfaction – that’s our commitment to you, we will see you right, and if you’re not completely happy within 30 days, you can take up our money-back guarantee.

When customers buy a Hustler, they not only expect reliability, they expect the legendary Hustler product support that helps them to keep going when things get tough. That’s why all Hustler products carry a full 2-year warranty.

About Hustler

At Hustler, we combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks. We insist on understanding farmers’ needs better than anyone else, investing in our people to create an inspiring team that raises the bar in outstanding service to every single customer.

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