Hustler vs. Feeder Leader

More farmers choose Hustler than any other brand of bale feeders, processor or unroller. Because they’re built tougher, more reliable, feed both round and square bales, maximize feed use, minimize feed waste, save you time and are a pleasure to use.
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Hustler Performs Better Than Feeder Leader

This new partnership will further strengthen the solid reputation that Hustler Equipment products have cultivated over the years. There are lots of reasons that people around the world trust Hustler Equipment – here’s a closer look at some of the main reasons that our bale feeder products are the best in the business.

Maximise Feed Leader Use

Our feeder leader products have been built from the ground-up to work as effectively as possible and maximise the return that farmers get from their feed. Our bale feeders keep food clean and free from dirt, for instance, so that your stock to not reject the food.

The bale feeders have also been designed to make sure that animals cannot lay or trample on the fodder. Our feeders also tease apart bale very effectively so that your stock can easily access and consume your feed. Over the course of the year, our products can help you to maximise your profits and protect your bottom line.

Our Feeder Leaders Save Time

Teasing apart bale is never an easy task and it can take farmers a lot of time. If it is done improperly, it can also stop your stock from consuming it efficiently. Our bale feeder leader products do this for you as effectively as possible so that you can dedicate your time to other important tasks that you have waiting for you.

This means that our products can save you significant amounts of time and that translates into enhanced profits for your operation. This is one of the key reasons that customers around the world decide to invest in our products, given that our products will quickly pay for themselves.

The Toughest Materials

Our products are made from the toughest materials in the business, meaning that our products operate as effectively as possible for as long as possible. The quality of the materials that we use means that your machines will not suffer from general wear and tear and that they’ll work predictably.

This reduces downtime and repair costs. You can operate our machines each day without having to worry about their longevity or results. Again, this means that you can focus your efforts on other important areas of your business with the best feeder leader in New Zealand.

Reliable and Sturdy

Our customers expect for all their farming equipment to be reliable and sturdy from a general perspective. That machinery has to be able to stand the test of time and weather the elements. They must also be able to sustain knocks and the impacts without any negative effects on the way that they perform.

Our machines have been built using the finest materials and the best manufacturing techniques so that you can rely on them to deliver consistently. This is one of the key reasons that our customers around the world turn to our products.

Browse Our Products Today

Are you ready to purchase your bale feeder leader today? Be sure to browse our wide range of products – we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Find a farm machinery dealer near you. Some of our popular locations include Tasmania, WA and other locations across Australia.

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How Much a Hustler will Save You?

Most of the savings are achieved by a reduction in the amount of bale which is wasted.

Feed wastage can be caused by various factors:
1) The bale is not teased apart enough making it harder for stock to eat.
2) Animals laying or trampling on fodder.
3) Unfinished bales inside ring feeders due to poor ground conditions, not allowing animals to reach the leftover bale.
4) Stock rejecting feed because of dirt, mud or other contaminants.

Savings can be made by feeding the right amount of the bale and retaining the rest for the next feed. By feeding over a larger area compare to a ring feeder, there is less competition between the animals.

Typical savings achieved by using a Hustler Chainless bale feeder are between 15-40%, depending on your existing feeding system (chain feeders typically save 10-35%).

1Choose your current feeding system type
2 How many bales do you feed per season?
3 Cost of your bales Average cost per bale
4 Choose a Hustler feeding system type

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