Round BalesTrailed Bale Unrollers

Trailed double bale feeder.

Suitable for feeding out the widest variety of round bales, balage, silage, hay or straw. With a unique chassis design protects the vital components, patented Total Control self-loading system and the toughest chain/floor set up on the market. Designed for medium to large operations feeding out thousands of bales each year, The Trailed Bale Unrollers have covered driveshafts to eliminate wrapping and a stronger rear loading system design that is built extremely tough to go the distance.

See it in Action

Andrew Gordon, SL700X, Scotland

Cristopher Ibarra R, SL700X, Chile

Doug Hanks, Stony Creek, SL700X

SL700X - Henley on Thames, UK

Hugh Thompson, Patoka, Hawkes Bay, SL700X

Ralph Lyster, SL700X trailed bale feeder - Murdoch University

How to Load a SL700X Round Bale feeder


Easy to Use

The double bale feeder has single level feed control, making it very easy to use and ideal for share milkers.

Toughest Chain on the Market

Super strong roller chains with the combined strength of 24,000lbs, with tough 40mm x 40mm zinc-plated bars. Bars are bolted to the chain, a stronger and more easily replaceable system.

Tough Polyethylene Floor

Non-corrosive, impervious to UV, slippery, easily repairable and very shock resistant. Fully enclosed – no wastage of expensive feed. The long bed can take 5’ long bales

Low Maintenance

Instead of bushes we use longer lasting block bearings, mounted outboard to keep them clean and free of damage.

trailed bale feeder total-control-loading

Hustler’s unique Total Control Loading

The (TCL2) system that has revolutionized bale handling since it was introduced eight years ago. With just one hydraulic cylinder to complete the entire loading operation and a new gas strut to help reset the loader, the TCL2 is the fastest loading system out there. And with only one ram it’s safer and less demanding on your tractor’s hydraulics. Unlike other systems, the operator can reverse the bale if necessary, even once the bale is positioned low over the cradle for unwrapping.

Product Customiser

Unrola TX205 trailed round bale feeder

Includes as standard equipment:

  • Drive shaft covers
  • String box
  • Bearing covers
Mud guards

Mud guards

Tractor Grip Tyres

Tractor Grip Tyres

Wide Floatation Tyres

Wide Floatation Tyres

Side Rollers

Side Rollers

Extra loading tyne

Extra loading tyne


Bale Sizes Round: 4′ x 4′ – 6′ x 5′
Bale Weight: Up to 1000kg
Unit Weight: 980kg
Capacity: 2 x bales (round)
Towing Eye: 50mm swiveling forged eye. 12 t rated.
Axle: 6 stud, 3 position adjustable track width, 60mm square axle
Wheels: 10/75 R15.3
Hydraulics: 2 x double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000psi
Loading: Patented Total Control Self loading system
Chain: 24,000lbs load rated roller chains
Bale size square: Requires optional side rollers
Bale Sizes Round: 4′ x 4′ – 6′ x 5′
Bale Weight: Up to 1000kg
Unit Weight: 980kg
Capacity: 2 x bales (round)
Towing Eye: Adjustable height 50mm swiveling forged eye. 12 t rated.
Axle: 6 stud, 3 position adjustable track width, 60mm square axle
Wheels: 10/75 R15.3
Hydraulics: 2 x double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000psi
Loading: Patented Total Control Self loading system
Bale size square: Requires optional side rollers


Toughest Chain

Zinc plated chains rated to 24,000lbs with the larger diameter rollers and pins make our chain drive system almost twice as strong as our competitors. And the greater surface on each roller pin increases chain life because they can’t stretch or snake.

Strongest Bars

Bars are 4-5 times stronger torsionally than angle type bars of the same size. We’ve bolted them to the chain which is stronger and for different bale types, blank bars or bars with more aggressive teeth are available and can simply be bolted on in a matter of minutes.

Low Maintenance Bearings

Protected double sealed heavy-duty 4-bolt bearings with trash shields are mounted outboard of the trailed round bale feeder feeding chamber. Making them last longer than internally mounted bushes.

Enclosed Sprockets

Our 6 tooth sprockets are made from Bisalloy (the same material a bulldozer blade is made from) so they last forever. With smaller diameter sprockets less torque is required to drive the chains, giving more drive power for tough bales. Designed so it is impossible for the chain to jump off the sprocket saves you downtime in the field.

Polyethylene Floor

Fully enclosed extruded polyethylene floor reduces feed waste and it will never corrode. Being polyethylene it is slippery with 30% less drag compared to steel which makes feeding sticky silage or wet bales easy.

Hill Country Stability

A lower centre of gravity and steeper feed cradle results in a 20% increase in stability. This means greater safety and peace of mind when the going gets steep.

New Drive

A beefed up drive system, including a newly designed coupling, provides unparalleled direct drive strength, while a bigger motor allows you to feed even the heaviest and sloppiest bales with ease.

6 Stud Axle

You need to feed out in all conditions, so we’ve fitted the strongest stub axle on the market. The SL700X double bale feeder is suited to the fastest tractors available today. We’ve also made it adjustable so that it suits any terrain, without running over the feed.

Swivelling Towing Eye

Our heavy-duty 360 degree forged towing eye handles the roughest terrain without causing damage to your machine. It also has an adjustable height, so that it sits level on whatever size tractor you have.

Single Post Drawbar

Our single post drawbar design has set the benchmark in feeder manoeuvrability. Now it is completely removable, which means you can replace it without having to buy a whole new chassis. By lowering the drawbar, we’ve made it easier stepping from side to side.

Bearing Covers

Removable bearing covers protect the bearings from mud and make cleaning and greasing easy.

Chassis Design

Our fully enclosed chassis prevents rust by stopping water from getting in. We’ve built the Unrola trailed round bale feeder with plenty of ground clearance to minimise bellying out and to avoid damage to chains and feed bars when it does touch the ground, we’ve made the underside of the chassis smooth, so it slides until the wheels gain traction again. Impressive strength to weight ratio has been achieved by constructing the Unrola trailed round bale feeder from high tensile steel, which is 50% stronger than mild steel. Bolted construction eliminates stress cracking common with some conventional bale feeders.

Covered Shafts

New Thermoform floor covers the driveshaft’s which eliminates any possibility of feed wrapping around the shafts or jamming.

Savings Calculator

Most of the savings are achieved by a reduction in the amount of bale which is wasted.

Feed wastage can be caused by various factors:
1) The bale is not teased apart enough making it harder for stock to eat.
2) Animals laying or trampling on fodder.
3) Unfinished bales inside ring feeders due to poor ground conditions, not allowing animals to reach the leftover bale.
4) Stock rejecting feed because of dirt, mud or other contaminants.

Savings can be made by feeding the right amount of the bale and retaining the rest for the next feed. By feeding over a larger area compare to a ring feeder, there is less competition between the animals.

Typical savings achieved by using a Hustler Chainless bale feeder are between 15-40%, depending on your existing feeding system (chain feeders typically save 10-35%).

1Choose your current feeding system type
2 How many bales do you feed per season?
3 Cost of your bales Average cost is $70/bale
4 Choose a Hustler feeding system type
andrew gordon

We recently visited a beef farm up in Pitlochry, Scotland to see how their 5-year-old Hustler SL700X bale feeder had been performing…

Andrew Gordon (Scotland) - SL700X
doug hanks

Doug Hanks milks 440 dairy cows and runs 300 head of beef cattle in Stony Creek, after having tried most brands of feedout cart and found them unreliable in the past he thought he’d give Hustler a go. Read on to see what he has to say 5 years down the track…

Doug Hanks, Stoney Creek, (Australia) - SL700X

Feeding 8-10 round bales of silage per day, Cristopher Ibarra choose Hustler’s SL700X some 3 years ago for his feeding duties, and is rapt to discover that it has saved him 2 staff…

Cristopher Ibarra R (Chile) - SL700X

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