Hustler Unrolla trailed bale feeder is the perfect investment for efficient livestock feeding

Published 4th May 2023
New Zealand

Waikato farmer Stephen Boddie swears by the Hustler bale feeder, which has been instrumental in feeding silage to his livestock efficiently. With its self-loading, Total Control Loading system, ability to feed out both ways, and versatile and durable design, the Hustler bale feeder is a great investment for any farmer. Backed by excellent customer service and easy maintenance, it’s no wonder that Stephen and his friends have had nothing but positive experiences with the Hustler bale feeder. Watch Stephen’s review to find out more!


Stephen Boddie farms in Te Kuiti, in the north of the King Country region of the North Island of New Zealand. Te Kuiti is also known as the sheep shearing capital of the world and is host to the annual New Zealand National Shearing Championships.

Stephen’s farm is split into two land blocks, a 430-hectare block, and a 120-hectare run-off block. The farms are divided into 70% dairy support and 30% trade steers. The biggest job on the farm is weight gain, which requires a weight gain of about 0.8 all year round. Silage is an essential part of achieving this weight gain, and the Hustler bale feeder has been instrumental in feeding silage to the livestock efficiently.

Stephen bought his first Hustler three-point linkage bale feeder 12 years ago, and it has been working without any problems ever since. He decided to upgrade to the trailed version of the machine, and Unrolla TX205 in order to be able to can “take three bales out to the mob” – two in the feeder and one at the front, with the Hustler Softhands bale handlers. Stephen also owns a Hustler SwiftHitch quick hitch that he uses to tow his bale feeder as well as other trailed farm implements.

The self-loading, Total Control Loading system located at the back of the machine, which allows to carry an additional bale to the field, is also letting you gently and accurately rest your bale in the cradle rather than just dumping it and creating unnecessary constraints on gear. Once loaded, the bale spears retract out horizontally and down, ready to pick up the next bale. This system saves Stephen a lot of time and effort, as he can flip the bale over and start feeding without any delay.

The bale feeder also feeds out both ways, which is an asset for Stephen who feeds out on hully country – he needs to be able to deliver the feed where he wants while operating the tractor safely. 


“When you buy it, you plug it into the tractor, hook it onto the tractor and you go”



One of the best things about the Hustler gear is that it is very reliable. According to Stephen, nothing goes wrong with it, and it just stays going. When you buy it, you plug it into the tractor, hook it onto the tractor, and you’re good to go. This reliability is crucial for farmers like Stephen, who need their equipment to work consistently without any hiccups.

The Hustler Unrolla TX205 embarks super strong roller chains with a combined strength of 24,000lbs and rugged 40mm x 40mm (1.5 in x 1.5 in) galvanized bars offer a bulletproof combination made to last the entire lifespan of the machine. The feedbars are bolted to the chain which results in a resilient, solid and easily replaceable system.

The feeding cradle is made from a tough thermoform fully enclosed polyethylene floor with covered drive shafts which eliminate wrapping. It’s non-corrosive, impervious to UV, slippery, and extremely shock resistant. And it’s fully enclosed, meaning no more wastage of expensive high-quality feed and added versatility as you can feed out loose materials. 


“That just saves us so much time”


The Hustler bale feeder is also very versatile. He also feeds out with it and then puts it away in the shed. Six months later, he pulls it out again, throws a bale on it, and it works just as well as it did before. The bale feeder is built to last and can handle a lot of use without breaking down.

Just greasing 4 nipples is all it takes to maintain the Unrolla bale feeder. That’s because instead of bushes we use long-lasting, fully sealed self-aligning block bearings, mounted outboard to keep them clean and free of damage from acidic silage juices. We’ve also added bearing covers that prevent debris from causing damage.


“It’s just good gear and it just carries on going”


Stephen is not the only one who has had a positive experience with the Hustler bale feeder. “I’ve recommended the gear to quite a few friends of mine that are farmers in the area – friends and family all over the country. Friends of mine have borrowed my feeder and then you got to chase them up to get it back!” Stephen laughed.

Stephen’s local Hustler dealers Power Farming in Te Awamutu, and Giltrap AgriZone in Otorohanga, have also been great to deal with, according to him. “They’ve all been awesome fellas to deal with. They all looked after us,” he said.


“Tell you what, you never hear a story about moaning about a Hustler feeder. It’s just always good stuff.”


The Hustler bale feeder is an excellent investment for farmers who want a reliable and efficient piece of equipment. It saves time and effort, is versatile and durable, and is backed by excellent customer service. Stephen Boddie’s positive experience with the Hustler bale feeder is a testament to its quality and reliability. If you’re in the market for a bale feeder, the Hustler bale feeder is definitely worth considering!


And do you want to know more about Hustler’s awesome products? Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!


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