bale feeding tips from patoka farmer – video

Published 24th March 2016
New Zealand

Hugh Thompson from Patoka in Hawkes Bay tells us a few tips he’s learned from his 10 years of experience feeding tube wrapped bale to his Heifers. 

Hugh has lived in the Patoka district all his life and currently owns 650 Hectares (1600 acres) with his wife Deirdre, grazing approximately 2400 dairy heifers for dairy farms around the country. Hugh and his sons run the farm and produce 1200-1400 tube wrapped bales each year, which never leave the property, feeding them out in the autumn and winter.

Hugh has owned two Hustler bale feeders over a space of 10 years, always purchasing the latest model each time they’re released, which helps him to keep his operation efficient. Hugh chose the SL700X chain bale feeder for his steep country farm and really likes the way it handles his terrain.  

Watch the video to see his farming tips for wet ground.