The SL360X Reaches Ireland

Published 29th March 2016

Hustler’s masterpiece – the all-new SL360X is ready to take on Ireland and more parts of the world. 

Hustler Equipment in New Zealand is the home of Australasia’s preferred brand of bale feeding equipment. 

Since the early 1960’s Hustler has been manufacturing an innovative range of farm machinery. The most popular of their wide range of products is their array of exceptional Balefeeders. Hustler is the number one brand in its home turf with close to 45% market share; and the “Hustler brand” is becoming more and more recognized throughout the globe as it continually expands in the global scene. Having been exporting to more than ten countries globally for many years, the brand is growing daily and more farmers are enjoying the benefits. The secret behind Hustler’s success is how it has set itself apart from the rest by listening to customer’s feedback, incorporating innovative features, and setting the industry benchmark. 

Hustler’s most popular and advanced machine to date is the all-new SL360X. Launched last February 2016, it will replace the popular SL350 and many believe that it is the best round bale feeder in the market. The SL360X is easier to use than any other type of chain feeder in the market today. It is also happens to be the most innovative, with six unique features that cannot be found in any other bale feeder. These features make it more versatile, convenient, and efficient in saving your precious time. This machine is recommended for farms feeding 50 to 800 bales each year. The self-loading 3-point linkage mounted feeder is suitable for feeding our all but the tightest of round bales and the new design allows for feeding feed baled silage, loose silage, maize, root crops, and more. 

Even popular farm trader tester Jaiden Drought was impressed after testing Hustler’s new baby! On his cover story, Drought said, “The SL360X was a very impressive machine due to the high level of ingenuity and the fact Hustler has taken time to listen to its customers and extensively test the machine before presenting it to the market – all in all it has come up a real doosey. If you are in the market for a bale feeder, you’d be silly not to check this one out.” He also mentioned that the automatic locking and unlocking system is one of the most innovative features to ever be introduced and that it impressed him most because there is no more need for ropes dangling out the back of the tractor waiting to smash the rear window. 

More amazing features of the remarkable SL360X include: The floor of the feeder made from Thermoform polyethylene (plastic) which cleverly wraps around and extends over the drive-shaft eliminating shaft wrap and making it more durable to rust and harsh climate plus having thirty percent less drag compared to steel; The twin 12,000lb heavy duty roller chains; With long lasting fully sealed block bearings instead of bushes that don’t need greasing everyday, that self-align with the shaft, making the machine maintenance friendly; The bearings are mounted outside the cradle and are covered; The drive motor is well protected from a collision with the rear wheel; Uneven forged tines allow for stabbing the bale to load with the rear linkage and make it very easy to line up the cradle on un even ground; And so much more.

Many competitors try to copy Hustler’s outstanding products but the new globally patented design with its high level of expertise and constant drive for innovation and excellence, nothing will compare to the original. Only Hustler products will give you your money’s worth and more. 

Hustler has already an established presence in Europe and UK, and Ireland has been one of the fastest developing territories. So far, feedback from Irish farmers has been great! The Hustler team cannot wait to hear the satisfaction of its Irish friends as soon as they get to experience the all-new SL360X!

Hustler LX105 bale unroller with Flexible Design