Feeding Round Bales Done Right – The Unrolla Bale Feeder Range

The Hustler Unrolla Range of round bale feeders are the cream of the crop when it comes to efficiently feeding round bales in any scenario. May it be in the paddock, indoors, into troughs, bunks, hay racks or over fences. The bale feeder comes as a three point linkage option or can be loader mounted onto the tractor, compact loader or skid steer.  A trailed, double bale option is available for large operations that feed thousands of bales each year.

There really is a model for everyone who is looking at increased efficiency and profitability from a round bale feeding point of view and we have put together a summary of what makes this bale feeder one of the best. 


A Clever Machine

A game-changer for indoor feeding in dead-end, narrow stables as the Unrolla headstock connects from both sides of the feeding cradle and feeds out to both sides!  It is also lightweight and compact enough to be operated with small tractors or loaders for increased maneuverability.  Feeds out all round bales, hay or baled silage, loose silage, maize, fodder-beet and even mis-shapen bales. The integrated tines for easy loading mean there is no need for another tractor to load the feeder. The large chamber takes up to 5-foot (1,5-metre) long bales and 1,250 kg load.


Thanks to the fully enclosed Polyethylene floor there is no risk for feed to fall out. It is also UV and shock resistant and doesn’t corrode like floors made from steel. The slipperiness of the polyethylene reduces torque and makes it easier to turn bales compared to a steel surface.

We use the toughest roller chains on the market with larger diameter rollers and pins for less wear and longer life. The extra-strong shark teeth are designed to release the feed at precisely the right moment and can easily be swapped for a flatter option or replaced, as the system is bolted on.  

Self-aligning bearings easily outlast any type of bush system and require less maintenance and grease. Bearing covers keep the bearings clean, reducing maintenance and downtime while the drive shaft eliminates silage wrapping on shafts and jamming sprockets. 

Snaplox System 

Our patented Snaplox System is a hands -free auto connect and disconnect system that lets you disconnect the feeder by simply lowering it to the ground. Simple as 1-2-3!

1. Disconnect cradle

2. Load bale

3. Feed bale

No more pulling on a rope. Uneven ground does not affect the Snaplox auto-latch thanks to clever Hustler engineering. 






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