From earthworks to silt removal after Cyclone Gabrielle with the “magic” Hustler LoadMax Tip Trailer

Published 18th January 2024
New Zealand

A few months ago, New Zealand contractor Nigel Parkinson invested in a new Hustler LoadMax TX114 tip trailer for his earthworks and fencing business. From cutting tracks and carting shed and orchard posts to silt removal in Cyclone Gabrielle’s aftermath, this workhorse redefines resilience. Watch Nigel’s story and how the Loadmax became the backbone of their operations thanks to its robust prowess!

The story of Nigel Parkinson we’re about to tell is close to our hearts as it unfolds during the aftermath of the 2023 tropical Cyclone Gabrielle that devastated parts of New Zealand, including the Hastings District where our headquarters, main factory, family, and friends are located. The total cost for our district alone is estimated to surpass NZ$2 billion (US$1.25 billion), and so many in our local community have lost their business, their homes or a dear one.

But this tragedy brought our local community closer together who work hand in hand to recover. Despite facing personal losses, Nigel and his team mobilised to assist the community. The Loadmax trailers, originally used for farm work, played a crucial role in these efforts. The team even gained recognition on social media, with the Hustler team joining in the conversation, to eventually meet up with Nigel, a few months later. 

Established in 2002 by Nigel and Deidre Parkinson, NDP Fencing & Earthworks operates within the Hawke’s Bay region. Nigel and his teams are experienced, knowledgeable fencers/operators who take great pride in the work they produce. In order to do so, NDP operates up-to-date machinery that enables their teams to provide an efficient service – and that’s how the Hustler LoadMax TX114 joined the line-up.


“It’s been a pretty magic machine”


After trialing a couple of other options, Nigel settled on the Hustler Loadmax TX114 tip trailer due to its exceptional performance and minimal hassles despite the rigorous workload. “We’ve spent the last six or eight months doing silt recovery work, hence why we’re using the Hustler trailer that you can see behind us there,” Nigel explained. The Loadmax has been averaging an impressive 35 full loads a day, each carrying 14 to 16 tonnes, five to six days a week.

Nigel commends the Loadmax trailer for its incredible durability, holding up remarkably well under the demanding conditions of their workload. 


“Backup service on it has been absolutely incredible”


What truly sets the Loadmax apart for Nigel is the exceptional backup service provided by the Hustler team. “Backup service on it has been absolutely incredible. The Hustler boys have absolutely gone out of their way to keep the wheels rolling,” Nigel said.

Facing a breakdown, the seamless process of driving the machine into the Omahu Road workshop has translated into minimal downtime. Within a couple of hours they have fixed our gear for us and had us straight back on the road. The turnaround time for repairs has been impressive, with the team at Hustler ensuring NDP Fencing and Earthworks can keep their operations running smoothly.


“I highly recommend this trailer to whoever wants to buy it”


For Nigel, the Loadmax trailer has meant zero downtime for his business. The ability to swiftly address issues and get back on the road has been a game-changer, allowing the entire operation to continue without interruptions. This, in turn, ensures that staff are not left waiting, keeping the wheels of the business turning.

“Hustler boys were very competitive in their pricing with the trailers, and I just like the fact that it just looks so robust and over-engineered compared to other brands that we were looking at,” Nigel added. 


“It’s not just a dump trailer”


Beyond its primary use in earthworking, Nigel appreciates the versatility of the Loadmax. The front folds flat, and the sides come off, transforming it into a spacious flatbed. This adaptability is invaluable for NDP Fencing and Earthworks, especially when shifting poles for building pole sheds.

LoadMax comes standard with 9 unique operator convenience features including:

  1. Hassle-free hydraulic tailgate release 
  2. Massive toolboxes on both sides of the chassis
  3. Angled top of the sides prevents material build-up and spillage
  4. 2-way swinging tailgate 
  5. Removable (TX108) and folding, load-bearing headboard (TX110, TX114)
  6. Lifting eyes on sides and tailgate
  7. Central greasing 
  8. Quick-Lift, centre-mounted jack
  9. 6mm steel deck

The Hustler Loadmax tip trailer became an integral part of Nigel’s business, facilitating efficiency, resilience and community support. And that’s how Nigel concluded the video, cheering the Hustler boys for their unwavering commitment and a piece of machinery that truly stands the test of time.

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