Dairy farmer says Hustler EzFeed SX210 silage wagon is a must for bigger operations

Published 23rd November 2023
New Zealand

Brian Ginders, dairy farmer in the North Canterbury region, New Zealand shares his insights on why he chose the Hustler EzFeed SX210 silage wagon, highlighting its simplicity, durability, and benefits of the innovative wireless scales and feed tracking system. Watch Brian’s video testimonial to find out more!


Brian Ginders, a stalwart in the farming community of North Canterbury, New Zealand, stands amidst the undulating landscape of Medstone Dairy. A third-generation farmer, Brian exudes a quiet confidence that comes from a lifetime of stewardship over this land.

“Follow their ways,” he says, paying homage to his father and grandfather, who instilled in him the ethos of responsible farming. Medstone Dairy, nestled on Medbury Road, Hawarden, has been home to Brian for as long as he can remember. 

The Ginders family operates a sprawling dairy farm, milking a robust herd of 1,200 cows across 482 hectares. The Friesian Jersey crossbreeds graze peacefully the green expanses, a testament to the family’s commitment to quality dairy production.


“Very pleased with the machine”


“I have purchased a Hustler SX210 feedout wagon,” Brian said. “Very pleased with the machine. I can see it lasting a long time. And for the bigger operations, I think they’re a must.”

Brian’s son, Craig, played a role in discovering the potential of the Hustler EzFeed SX210. A glimpse on YouTube sparked their interest, and a conversation with their local agents at North Canterbury Equipment set the wheels in motion for a trial. 

The demands of a dairy operation of this scale, churning out 11 or 12 wet tonnes of feed daily, required a robust and efficient feeding solution. The EzFeed SX210 promised just that!

As the farm was operating a 3-point linkage Hustler bale feeder for smaller feeding tasks, Brian was already familiar with the brand.

“It’s gone really well,” Brian said, describing the machine’s ability to handle the extra weight and tonnage required for larger herds.

The Hustler EzFeed SX210, with its three axles and a design that allows stairs from the back axle, proves to be a game-changer, especially in negotiating smaller, narrow gateways. Brian notes the ease with which the steering operates — a matter of plugging two hoses into a hydraulic bank.


“The three axles sprung and get a very, very good comfortable ride, going across a bumpy paddock”


“One big plus is the three axles. They’re sprung and get a very, very good comfortable ride, going across a bumpy paddock,” he remarked, emphasising the importance of machinery that not only performs but does so with a keen eye on operator comfort.

Brian particularly appreciates the integrated scales, which connect to his phone via a dedicated app, Feedlink™. “”You have to have them to feed out the right amounts to each mob,” he stated. The wireless scales and feed tracking system provide accurate measurements of the silage in real-time, making it effortless to monitor and control the feeding process. With a capacity of 21 cubic meters, the daily 11 to 12 wet tonnes of silage are just a walk in the park for the Hustler EzFeed SX210 silage wagon.


“It’s very well built, very strong”


And why does Brian recommend the Hustler EzFeed SX210? His answer is simple and carries the weight of experience. “It’s very well built, very strong. I can see it lasting a long time, and for the bigger operations, I think they’re a must.”

This recommendation isn’t just a nod to the machine’s durability; it’s a testament to the pivotal role it plays in the daily rhythm of Medstone Dairy. In a landscape where tradition and innovation coalesce, the Hustler EzFeed SX210 has found its place — a reliable partner in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient dairy farming.

As the sun sets over Medstone Dairy, Brian’s endorsement echoes in the stillness — a testament to the enduring partnership between the Ginders family and the Hustler EzFeed SX210, a partnership rooted in a shared vision for the future of dairy farming.

With a slew of innovative features, the EzFeed silage wagons have the stats to make you hungry for more. Strength, reliability and simplicity combine to make these the best silage wagons money can buy.

The Hustler EzFeed SX210 boasts a loose silage capacity of 21 m³ and 17 tonnes, a sturdy chassis structure that ensures longevity and reliability even in demanding conditions, aligning with the needs of larger herds. The silage wagon includes as standard equipment:

  • 100% roller chains
  • TwinFeed™ featuring left and right-hand feed discharge
  • Crash bumper bars
  • Remote greasing
  • Folding Premium Ladder
  • Rotomolded hungry boards
  • Sealed reduction drive gearbox
  • Heavy-duty oscillating tandem axle with large pivot surface and maximum oscillation
  • 500/50 x 22.5 Flotation Grip Tread Wheels

Feedlink™ is an optional wireless scales and feed tracking system you can retrofit to any of your wagons! Find out more here.


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