Feedlink Scales

Feedlink Scales and Feed Management System.

Simply the most advanced wireless scale system on the market, keeping scales simple to operate allowing you to operate with the basics such as a live weight reading like conventional scale systems. Or take control of feed management to the next level by pre-programing your daily feeding routine, and receive reports to track feed proof-of-placement, operator performance and insights into over or underfeeding. 

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Feedlink Overview

Hustler Feedlink™ Wireless Scales & Feed Tracking System explained by Jaiden Draught

Feedlink Tutorial

How to use Feedlink


Hustler Feedlink Scales

Simple Operation

Automatically wakes and connects when you open the App. Large live weight readout for simple and easy operation. Intuitive App design with an integrated tutorial for ease of use and quick setup. 

Feeding Routine Simplified

Pre-program the daily feeding routine or list of feeding transactions for each paddock or each herd to simplify your feeding program and ensure your livestock get the correct amount of feed each day

Feeding program
Feedlink Scales Data


Track the location* of where feed is being fed, so you know if the correct herd is being fed, and how each operator is performing. *Requires the device to have GPS location capability. If the device doesn’t have GPS location, you still get a report of how much has been fed out and to which paddocks/herds

Feedlink Scales on multi devices

Multi Device

Connect as many devices as you like, so you have readout in feeding tractor and another in the loading telehandler when loading with a separate loader so you don’t need to switch the readout device between vehicles 

Connect to multiple equipment

App can connect to as many implements as you like, eliminating the need to switch devices between vehicles when swapping implements between tractors

Feedlink scales Data Hustler

Optional Turn Key Setup

Available as a turnkey setup with iPad mini and Heavy Duty Adjustable Ram mount for quick and easy in-cab setup and go

Feedlink Scales Turn Key Set up


Feedlink can plug into most equipment already fitted with Digistar scales and can be hard-wired into almost any other wagon already fitted with loadcells

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