SwiftLink Adaptors

Unlock the versatility of your tractor’s 3-point linkage with the Hustler SwiftLink 3PTL/Euro Adaptor.

SwiftLink Attachment Adaptors

Models in range: SD300

SwiftLink 3-point linkage adaptor allows you to put almost any Euro hitch attachment on the rear of your tractor!

This expands the range of tasks your tractor can effortlessly tackle and speeds up the task at hand providing the ability to double the capacity per trip. Also ideal for operators requiring the capability to lift heavy loads beyond the front-end loader’s capacity, use a Euro Hitch equipment on a tractor not equipped with a front-end loader or transport an additional bale from the field! Boost your efficiency and get more done with Hustler SwiftLink SD300 Adaptor – the smart solution for increased functionality on the farm.

3 Reasons why every farm should have a SwiftLink

1. Maximum compatibility and versatility

2. Cost-effectiveness

3. Increased efficiency and productivity

Features & Benefits

SwiftlinkSD300 Renderings 01 CompactDesign

Compact design for stability and visibility

The compact design offers a lightweight implement, close to the gravity centre of the tractor, mitigating any cantilevered effects as well as enabling an excellent visibility on the load from the cab.

SwiftlinkSD300 Renderings 10 Central Release Handle

Central release handle

The central release handle enables a broader range of attachments to fit, surpassing the limitations of side handle designs.

SwiftlinkSD300 Renderings FrontRightView View2 2PositionMounts

2-position mounts for versatility

SwiftLink features 2-position mounts, offering versatility with options for high or low settings, allowing greater flexibility of use and the potential for a higher lift height if needed.

SwiftlinkSD300 Renderings 09 SprungRelease

Sprung release

Incorporating a sprung release for secure and safe positive locking.

SwiftlinkSD300 Renderings Front View FreeStanding

Super Duty 3-ton load rating

Industry-leading supe duty with a 3-ton load rating, the largest in its class.

SwiftlinkSD300 Renderings 10 FullWidthBack

Full-width back to weld on brackets

A full-width back provides the flexibility to weld on a set of telehandler or skid-steer brackets, allowing you to utilize Euro Hitch attachments on another type of tractor.

SwiftlinkSD300 Renderings FrontLeftView FreeStanding

Free standing with built-in feet

The built-in feet of the SwiftLink adaptor allows free standing, facilitating an easier connection to the tractor and offering convenient storage when stew away when not in use.

SwiftlinkSD300 LargeEuroHookClearance

Large Euro hook clearance

SwiftLink is designed to provide ample Euro hook clearance, ensuring an easy attachment connection and disconnection.

HustlerMuscle Icons 5YearWarrantyIndustryLeadingNoBull 700x500

5-Year No Bull Warranty

Nothing but the best comes with Hustler’s legendary 5-year warranty.


Unit Weight: 94 kg | 207 lb
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 285 x 1200 x 745 mm | 11.2 x 47.2 x 29.3 in
Capacity: 3000 kg
Linkage: CAT 2


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