Hustler has lead the market through an Innovation Advantage that is clearly a major step ahead of the pack – watch the video to see why


At Hustler, we develop our equipment based on input from the people who use our machines

In fact the majority of Hustler’s product development time is spent in the field talking to farmers, listening to their needs and finding their constraints. We utilise simple methods to solve complex problems, trialing and testing the concepts to ensure the equipment performs in every situation that it might be required to work in.

Our commitment to research and development means we build equipment you can consistently rely on, year in year out, ensuring you exceptional value for money and lower cost of ownership.


Conscious of our responsibility towards the future generations, for us environmental protection is not merely a lip service.

Already for many years, Hustler has contributed to numerous charity organisations to improve society in health, safety and well being of not only employees but also needs of society in general.

The introduction of world class manufacturing facilities which have more efficient production methods and equipment requiring fewer inputs and less emissions has substantially reduced the impact on the environment as a result.

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What our customers are saying

Beef and dairy grazing near Norswood in Hawkes Bay, Cameron has run Hustler bale feeders now for 7 years, both 3PH and Trailing models. Take a look at what he has to say about his trusty Chainless... Read more
Cameron Rolston - Chainless 4000 Round & Square Bale Processor - NZ
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Q. How do you take product feedback?

At Hustler we thrive on product feedback. Feedback is the back bone of process improvement and without this it is very hard to innovate.

Q. Where are your products tested?

Most initial testing during the development phase is performed in New Zealand, then product concepts are sent to all major markets for thorough testing, to ensure that they:

  1. Perform with all product types, that are thrown at them
  2. Perform in all applications they might be required to work
  3. Can sustain any fatigue and withstand the test of time

Various CAD (Computer aided development) systems are also used to assist with analysis and testing, to ensure our customers are investing in products that will perform, last, and add value

Q. How long does a new product take to develop?

Hustler products take a lot longer to develop that other brands, this is due to the extensiveness of product testing, design rationalising, and process analysis that Hustler puts into each product.

Typically when a Hustler product arrives on the market they’ve been in the development phase for between 2-3 years.

In this time up to 10,000 hours are invested to ensure no stone is left un-turned

Q. What Charities does Hustler give to

To name a few would include;

  • Rescue Helicopter Services
  • Christchurch Earthquake Fund
  • Cancer Society
  • Plunket Childcare
  • Starship Childrens Hospital

Why Hustler

Hustler has been designing and building farm equipment since 1961. We combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks.

Our head office location in one of New Zealand’s key agricultural regions keeps us in touch with the requirements of some of the world’s best farmers. We listen, we observe, and we challenge the status quo to develop products that meet the evolving needs of agriculture. Industry-leading technology ensures meticulous manufacturing standards.

All new Hustler products undergo a grueling test programme, When they survive we stand behind them with our two-year warranty and our global dealer network.

  • Founded in 1961

  • Exporting for over 45 years

  • Created more than 15 industry first

  • More farmers choose Hustler bale feeders than any other brand*

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