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Watch farm machinery at work. The latest Hustler farming equipment being put to the test by farmers all across the world for your viewing pleasure in these farm equipment videos.

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Colin Mathis, Tokoroa (New Zealand) – Loadmax TX114

“I never had to use customer service or a parts number, because it doesn’t break.”

Glen Brausch, Turua (New Zealand) – BaleSlice LX190

“Sturdy, Robust, Doesn’t Break. Very Impressed. The perfect gear for our operation”

Kent Smith, Missouri (USA) – Applic8r LX1150

“This sprayer system is very easy to use. It’s very user-friendly”

Mark Oliver, Millicent (Australia) – Combi RX218

“The versatility of the Hustler Combi is really what I guess sold it for us”

Rhys Millar, Charleroi (Australia) – BaleSlice LX190

“The main benefits with the BaleSlice since we’ve used it this year is really the time saving”

Sam Martin, Wall Flat (Australia) – ScoopMax

“We’ve noticed silage savings since we’ve bought the ScoopMax”

Justin Lobb, Naracoorte (Australia) – Combi RX218

“If we’re looking at feeding both silage and hay out, the Hustler Combi RX218 was probably the best option for that”

Peter Smithson, Taranaki (New Zealand) – ShearPlus LX160

“What used to take us probably two or three hours we can do in about 40 minutes”

Mark Cox, Canterbury Plains (New Zealand) – Loadmax TX110

“The tipping feature with the automatic gate is great – easy to for the operator use”

Beavan Burrows, Canterbury (New Zealand) – Chainless TX205

We have three Hustler Chainless TX205 bought last year. We can’t fault them.

Richard Hubber, Otago (New Zealand) – Ezfeed SM130

“I liked the feature of being able to feed out both sides in the barn”

Stephen Boddie, Te Kuiti (New Zealand) – Unrolla TX205

“It’s just good gear and it just carries on going”

Bob Ethell, Victoria (Australia) – Softhands LM100

“Looking at the Hustler Softhands, there’s a lot of features again that stand out to me”

Stephen Gaskins, Pink Hill, North Carolina (USA) – Chainless TX205

“With the Hustler, I can put out 19 bales in a day where before it would have been 30 or more”

Garth Pickford, Rangitikei (New Zealand) – Applic8r LX1150

“With the section control on, there was a 30% saving, and it quickly paid for itself”

Ethan and Amy Hofschulte, Minnesota (USA) – Chainless LX105

“With the Hustler, we can repeatedly do three bales in four days, which is a reduction of 33%”

Wayne Owers NSW (Australia) – Applic8r LX1150

“I believe it’s the best one out there”

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