ShearPlus Shear Grabs

For Pit Silage and Round Bales

1 Machine – 3 Operations!

The Hustler ShearPlus, shear grab is 3in1 dream machine.  It’s designed as a bale slicer, shear grab and scoop bucket all in one machine!

3 Reasons to Choose ShearPlus

1. Save time

Fewer attachment changes required when loading a variety of products, saving time all round. 

Hustler shearplus jcb grasping bale2
hustler shearplus v2

2. Reduce spillage

Quickly adding, with a lower bucket helps reduce spillage and waste of loose or fine feeds. 

3. Versatility

Cut bales, remove wrap, scoop loose feeds, load and face the silage pit/clamp, all with one attachment!

Hustler shearplus jcb

Peter Smithson, Taranaki (New Zealand) – ShearPlus LX160

ShearPlus Product Video

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Features & Benefits

ShearPlus LX160 OptionC 01 shadows v4 2

One Machine - 3 Operations!

Achieve more Everyday. Slice Bales, handle Silage and use as a general scoop bucket.  All in one machine! No need to constantly change loader implements.

Screwed-on cutting teeth

The replaceable screwed-on cutting teeth are made from tool a material known for its hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation, and ability to hold a cutting edge at all temperatures. 

ShearPlusLX160B front angle wshadows

Removable Bucket

Get the best of both worlds with sharp tynes for great silage or bale penetration and a slide-on bulk bucket you can easily remove from your tractor seat, simply using the third-service release button.

ShearPlus LX160 OptionC 01 shadows v4 1

Net wrap hooks

Actuated hooks for grabbing the net and plastic film mean you don’t have to leave the tractor seat, saving you time and effort.

ShearPlus LX160 OptionC 04 wshadows v3


Application Bale cutting and silage handling
Unit weight 702 kg | 1,548 lbs
Dimensions 1600 mm x 805 mm x 1130 mm | 63" x 31.6" x 44.4"
Capacity 0.83m³ | 29.3ft³
Hydraulic required Approx. 40 L/min | 10.5 gal/min

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