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Hustler Equipment

Hustler Equipment is a New Zealand family business founded in 1961, specializing in the design and manufacture of high-end livestock and forage distribution equipment. Leader in the New Zealand and Australian markets, Hustler also benefits from a strong presence in North America (United States and Canada) and Europe, and is distributed throughout the world. 

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The highly acclaimed Hustler range is well sought after in developing areas where farmers are looking to reduce inputs, increase efficiencies, improve stock health, and care for their land and environment, whilst improving profitability. More and more universities, and farmers around the world are proving these results from the Hustler feed out equipment, so if you’d like to become part of our journey register your interest today.

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The Hustler Advantage

Hustler is present in more than 20 countries. Trained to work in an international context, our after-sales service and marketing teams are available to help you on a daily basis.

Our benefits  :

  • Simple product to use and demo
  • Solutions for a wide variety of foods in addition to fodder
  • A brand our customers trust
  • Interactive content (blogs, videos, testimonials, etc.) published regularly
  • An extremely high percentage of purchases after demonstrating our products.
  • A 100% hydraulic system with very few wearing parts = few parts to store

Be one of the first to join us and benefit from  :

  • Negotiated territorial distribution exclusivity
  • From a passionate network, based on trust and mutual aid
  • More visitors to your site coming to discover our brand thanks to our chain-free system which is attracting more farmers every day!

Our Products

What Our Customers Are Saying

Andrew Ferguson

“After running the Hustler for a few months, we decided to go ahead¬†and purchase two more”

Andrew Ferguson (USA) - Chainless X5000/TX205
Bill Fales 2

“I couldn’t believe it, but it saves a lot of hay”

Bill Fales, Carbondale (USA) - Chainless X5000/TX205

‚ÄúNow, feeding can happen in 10 minutes. ¬†Our waste is not even measurable at this point!¬†One person can now do the job that used to take at least two people”.¬†

Brian O'Connor, Ohio (USA) - Chainless X2500/LX105
Easy To Use

‚ÄúI can now produce 20-22 small square bales in about 4-5 minutes using my new Hustler XR1500. I no longer have to dodge the weather patterns because I have it all set up indoors and I can do it all on my own.”

Chad Cifreo, Louisianna (USA) - Chainless XR1500/SX105

“Moving into my mid-sixties, I’m done with wrestling bales of hay, so we got a Hustler for this purpose, which has relieved the physical strain”

Drausin Wulsin, Ohio (USA) - Chainless X5000/TX205
Jeremy Smith, Kentucky, XR1500 (portrait)

“We saved about 40% on labor… I would definitely say that this is a product well worth buying.”

Jeremy Smith, Kentucky (USA) - Chainless XR1500/SX105 Rebaler
Mike Moretti

“Very happy with it. It’s basically a one-man operation and a very safe piece of equipment. We used to take 2 guys to go out and feed hay, and now we can do it with one employee or myself. And we use less feed, we don’t waste as much as we used to”

Mike Moretti, California (USA) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“This was the best business decision I made for feeding my hay.”

Nathan Johnson, Tennessee (USA) - Chainless X5000/TX205

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