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Hustler Equipment

Hustler Equipment is a New Zealand family business founded in 1961, specializing in designing and manufacturing premium livestock feeding, bale handling and pasture care gear. Leader in New Zealand and Australia, Hustler also benefits from a strong presence in North America (United States and Canada) and Europe, and is distributed worldwide, in more than 20 countries. 

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Hustler Equipment’s range is evolving rapidly, offering innovative solutions to farmers and ranchers seeking to reduce hay waste and inputs, increase operational efficiency, improve stock health and promote environmental stewardship — all while enhancing profitability. Our equipment has been adopted by agricultural institutions and researchers to showcase its effectiveness. If you’re ready to join our journey, register your interest today.

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The Hustler Advantage

Hustler operates in more than 20 countries, offering a comprehensive support network for our dealers in a global context. Our dedicated Sales, Customer Care and Marketing teams are readily available to assist you on a daily basis.

Here’s what partnering with Hustler means:

  • Easy-to-use products with straightforward demonstrations
  • Solutions catering to a diverse range of livestock feed types, including bales, silage, by-products and more
  • A trusted brand with a proven track record among customers
  • Regularly updated multimedia content, including blogs, videos, and testimonials
  • A high conversion rate following product demonstrations
  • A 100% hydraulic system with minimal wearing parts, reducing parts stock requirements and workshop after-sales service

Be one of the first to join us and benefit from  :

  • Negotiated territorial distribution exclusivity
  • Access to a passionate network built on trust and mutual support
  • Increased dealership foot traffic as more farmers and ranchers are drawn to our new technologies such as the Hustler Chainless system and other innovative equipment

Our Products

What Our Customers Are Saying

Bill Fales 2

“I couldn’t believe it, but it saves a lot of hay”

Bill Fales, Carbondale (USA) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“The animals are actually eating the hay and getting the maximum amount of nutrition”

David Karsin, Portage La Prairie (Canada) - Chainless LX105

“With the Hustler, we can repeatedly do three bales in four days, which is a reduction of 33%”

Ethan and Amy Hofschulte, Minnesota (USA) - Chainless LX105

“Maintenance-free is an efficiency that we’re always looking for and Hustler seems to be able to provide that. It looks like it will have a fairly long life.”

Clay Chattaway, Alberta (Canada) - Chainless X5000/TX205
James Coy

“There’s much less loss because of the lack of destruction to the ground and the lack of waste for the hay”

James Coy, Kirksville, Kentucky (USA) - LX105 Unrolla
Jim Bob

“It’s allowing us to be more efficient and faster and to feed better because we can blend that hay as it’s coming out, and to know exactly how many pounds we’re putting on the ground.”

Jim Bob Collins, Mitchell Oregon (USA) - Combi RX178

« Je savais que je devais faire les choses différemment. »

Joe Ferrell, Erwin (USA),- Chainless X5000/TX205
27Jul23 KentSmith Missouri Applic8rLX1150 EagleTechBoom (5)

“This sprayer system is very easy to use. It’s very user-friendly”

Kent Smith, Missouri (USA) - Applic8r LX1150
Pat Hargadon testimonial

“It spreads the compaction, it spreads the erosion out, so you’re not completely devastating one area”

Pat & Patrick Hargadon, Kentucky (USA) - Chainless TX205

“We bought it to save time. But in the grand scheme of things it has improved the quality of life for the horses.”

Scott Simmons, Ontario (Canada) - Chainless X2400/LX104

“I have found the Hustler to be better when feeding silage and dry hay. The Hustler bale processor is versatile”

Peter Pelster, Nebraska (USA) - Chainless X5000/TX205- Dealer

“In certain times of the year we’ll use hay rings, we’ll use hay trailers with heavy use areas, so we feed with rings, we feed with hay trailers along with the bale feeder, but a 1000 times over, a 1000 times over this bale feeder is a far way better in my opi

Eric Elsner, University of Georgia (USA) - Chainless 4000
Stephen Gaskins Article photo 800w 3

“With the Hustler, I can put out 19 bales in a day where before it would have been 30 or more”

Stephen Gaskins, Pink Hill, North Carolina (USA) - Chainless TX205