“I hated feeding Hay before we got the Hustler bale feeder.”

Published 11th May 2020

Scott and his family run horses on 90 acres in Ontario, Canada and made this their happy place. With the help of a Hustler Chainless LX104, Scott was able to turn his most hated chore at the end of the day, into his relaxing, quiet time for himself. 

It’s winter in Canada and the snow is a couple of inches thick. That, however does not seem to affect Scott’s or the horses mood, when we visit them. Scott’s wife tells us that their main focus is keeping happy horses for their owners. And the Hustler Chainless LX104 bale processor plays a significant role in that.  All horses are run in herds, 40-50 animals at a time, and by feeding out with the Hustler, feed competition amongst the herd is eliminated. 

“We bought it to save time. But in the grand scheme of things it has improved the quality of life for the horses.”

Originally, the Hustler Chainless LX104 was bought to save time. Scott has a regular day time job and feeds out at night when he comes home. However, in the grand scheme of things the new feeding method has improved the quality of life for the horses. Being able to feed out in smaller amounts is beneficial for the horses’ respiratory system. 

“It really fluffs up the bale. It’s more like they’re eating grass.”

The rotors of the Hustler Chainless LX104 run at two different speeds, which gently tease apart the bale, conserving as much of the nutritional leaf, as possible. Scott describes it as “fluffing up” the windrow and notes that for the horses, it’s more like eating grass than a compact bit of hay. The Chainless LX104 can be rear or front mounted on any tractor and Scott sees a big advantage in that. He has the bale feeder mounted at the front and the snow blower in the back. This way, he can feed out and blow snow at the same time. 

“I love it. It’s kind of my happy place.”

After coming home from work, Scott hops in the tractor. And he didn’t always like the chore of feeding out at the end of a busy day. But now, he says it’s kind of his happy place. “I hop in the tractor and it’s no hassle.” It doesn’t matter what kind of weather it is, as he just turns on the radio and goes for it. All Hustler bale feeders pride themselves on minimal maintenance and therefore minimal breakdowns and disruption to your business. “When I come home there is a calming feel with the horses outside. It’s like a dream.”


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