Having broken other brands of bale handlers, this Farmer settles for Hustler Softhands®

Published 30th April 2020
New Zealand

We visit Bryan Tucker, a proud 4th generation born Morrison Bush farmer. The land has been owned by his family for over 100 years and parts of it are still being farmed today. Bryan tells us, how after other brands of bale handlers, he finally finds a reliable and high performing product in the Hustler LM100 Softhands®

The operation runs a 1000 head dairy cow herd, 2500 pigs and 500 sheep. To keep up with feeding demand, 3000 bales of baleage are fed out yearly. 

Bryan, who is a wealth of knowledge about farming with his 78 years of age, has run different brands of bale handlers on his operation over the past years. To his disappointment, many of those have worn out or broken down completely. 

“We have worn quite a few out and broken other brands of Softhands®.”

It is the first time they bought a set of Hustler LM100 Softhands®, although the Tucker’s have been using other Hustler gear for the past 20 years with great results and no problems or breakdowns. After doing some research when looking for a new pair of bale grabs, he found Hustler was the best quality with the most competitive pricing. 

“20 years ago we bought our first Hustler Equipment gear. The brand has always been good quality and minimal maintenance.” 

Bryan and his workers are pleased with the new set of Hustler LM100 Softhands® which allow them to operate efficiently and quickly without damaging bales or bale wrap. 


When buying a pair of bale handlers, the following points should be taken into consideration: 

  • The shape: the right shape of Softhands® will prevent damage, make close stacking easy and will make slipping in between bales simple. 
  • The Design: a good design will keep the load close to the tractor and provides good visibility
  • Equaliser Bar: for more control and stability – the optional Hustler’s Patented Floating Equaliser is a game-changer in control and safety
  • Pinch Points: Minimal pinch points for less risk of damaging bale wrap
  • Protection: Hydraulic rams and hoses should be protected from outside influences to guarantee a long life span 
  • Being Durable: good quality of product and components are crucial for reliability 
  • Maintenance: minimal maintenance is the goal to save you time and money 

Our Hustler LM100 Softhands® combines all the above features with a competitive price and a 4-year warranty