The Hustler Feedlot Bale Unroller That Gets Over Barriers

Published 21st April 2020
United Kingdom

Buston Farm, near Banbury in Oxfordshire, UK, stretches across five hundred acres of mixed dairy and arable and has been in the Gardener family for over forty years. When Roger Gardener decided to change from working with small conventional bales to big round bales, he was faced with one problem: finding a bale feeder that would feed over a 4 ft barrier into a trough. 

“The Hustler is worth the investment. We are saving on time and labour compared to manually feeding. It loads itself and is very efficient and very well made.”


The operation runs a 200 head dairy cow herd and replacement with young stock being fed indoors. The barn set up features a 4ft trough behind rails that needs to be fed into. After some research, Roger came across the Hustler Unrola LM105T feedlot bale unroller that is suited to the job perfectly. 

The bale unroller’s main feature, the elevator, can be tilted up and down and allows feeding into troughs, bunks and onto feed pads with ease. With the single lever control feed can be distributed accurately without spilling, cutting down on feed waste and ultimately on cost.   


Roger describes the Hustler LM105T as ‘overly built’ making it a tough machine, while greasing and general servicing can be kept to a minimum. The 24,000lbs strong roller chain contributes to the reliability and relatively small running costs. 

With a Hustler bale feeder, indoor feeding can ultimately be made 

  • Quick – unroll a bale in 2 minutes
  • Easy – unroll bales with the pull of a lever – no back-breaking pitch forking, or grappling with a loader required
  • Efficient – By feeding the optimal amount each day, the feed is more palatable, livestock get equal access to feed and waste is eliminated. 

Due to the lightweight and compact design, the bale feeder can fit into any barn and goes wherever your tractor goes.  The integrated tynes make loading of the feeder easy and can stay on the tractor for other jobs while the bale cradle is stored away.