Combi CM Multi-Feeder Range

All Round & Square Bales, Silage, Root Crops & Food Waste



How do you make the best better?

Hustler’s latest Combi CM livestock feeders come loaded with features – 43 years proof in the field is one of them. Combi’s Feed anything ability paired with Hustler’s mindset of continual improvement with regular constructive feedback from farmers around the world and you’ve got the best of the best. 

Don’t just take our word for it, see the CM in action on your farm by calling a Hustler livestock feeding expert on the number at the top of this page. 

Key Benefits

Combi RX Feeding Bales LR

Unbeatable Versatility - One Machine Any Feed

If you’re feeding a combination of bales, silage or any other supplementary feed, then a Combi CM is the only feeder you’ll need. The Combi Feeder range is able to feed all types, shapes and sizes bales including straw, hay and baled silage, fine chop silage, maize silage, root crops and literally any type of feed you can lay your hands on. The unique elevator design delivers feed out of the side of the machine allowing you to feed into troughs, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture without spillage

Toughest Chain & Bar setup on the market

Using a basic principal from the tractor pull sled vs wheels, with Combi CM instead of dragging the load forward like a sled we used 12,000lb roller chains on all floors to substantially lowering the drag on the drives, chains and bars, kissing good-bye to chain problems!

And by using a single bar set up on each floor by build bars stronger than twin floor bars eliminated the need for extra sprockets, bearings, wearing parts and on-going maintenance

Load Dividing System

Proven over 43 years the unique and simple dividing system of Combi reduces loads and stresses on drives, motors, shafts and the floor extending the working life of the feeder. 

Unbeatable Visibility

With the industry-leading visibility and the ability to see the entire load from the comfort of your seat feeding out the perfect feed-rows has never been easier and puts you in control! Even with the new elevator spill panels, now you can see exactly how much feed is coming up the elevator for improved feed control.

Combi RX218 Trough Feeding web

Accurate Feed Delivery

The Combi CM Feeders are scale ready as standard, which allows you to add the weighing option when it suits your operation so you can accurately measure the correct amount your herd needs, reducing waste and increasing the performance of your farm. And the tilting elevator makes for accurate bunk or trough feeding minimizing spillage.

DJI 0163 3

Quick, Safe & Easy Loading

The low loading height of the Combi CM Range and great visibility make loading of any feed material or fodder with tractor loader quick and easy. And thanks to farmer feedback the sides are now higher to prevent second stacked bales from spilling during transport

Tried & True Control System

The Combi CM Range comes standard with the original Combi control system which has taken more than 4 decades to perfect providing the operator with full control over each floor for more versatility when feeding bales or chopped feeds. 

Other control choices are available as optional extras.

IMG 2330

Massive Drawbar Clearance

The unique and improved drawbar design offers industry-leading clearance and a major advantage in maneuverability making life easier for operators in tight lanes and gateways. This reduces the possibility of damaged gate posts or the machine due to operator error. 

See it in action

Nick Bird - Haka Valley

Paul Tobin, Eskdale (Australia), Combi CM116

Load Up & Feed Out in record time!

"It's perfectly simple" Adam Atkinson, South Devon UK

Craig Smith, Manawatu (Nouvelle-Zélande), Combi CM116

Comby Feedout Wagon Range

Product Customiser

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Includes as standard equipment:

  • Access Ladder
  • Feedpad Kit
  • Elevator spill retainer panels
  • Scale Ready
  • Central axle greasing
Feedlink Wireless Scales & Feed Tracking System

Feedlink Wireless Scales & Feed Tracking System

Feedlink In-Cab Mounting and Display

Feedlink In-Cab Mounting and Display

FeedLink in-cab mounting and display for wireless scales includes iPad & Ram mounting system

2 Wheel Hydraulic brakes

2 Wheel Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulically operated on two wheels.

4 Wheel Hydraulic brakes

4 Wheel Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulically activated on four wheels.

Road Visibility Kit - CM

Road Visibility Kit - CM

Road Visibility Kit – Includes front & rear hazard panels, safety chains & LED road lights

Basic Load Sense Controls

Basic Load Sense Controls

The entry-level Combi control option (recommended for feeding chopped silage only). Requires 3 sets of hydraulics

Feed Control

Feed Control

Feed Control unique to Hustler has two operation modes for silage and bales providing the operator with semi-automated control when feeding silage or full control over each floor for more versatility when feeding bales giving you truly the best of both silage wagon and combination feeder in one machine.

Remote Greasing

Remote Greasing

Heavy Duty Oscillating Tandem Axle

Heavy Duty Oscillating Tandem Axle

Largest pivot surface and maximum oscillation.


Round Bales: 3-6
Medium Squares: 3-6
Large Squares (8ft): 1-2
Loose Silage (load-level): 11 m³ | 386 ft³
Loose Silage (heaped load): 12.5 m³ | 440 ft³
Maximum Load: 8,000 kg | 17,636 lb
Overall Width: 2720 mm | 107 in
Overall Length: 6385 mm | 251.3 in
Overall Height / Loading Height: 2300 mm (90.5 in) / 2150 mm (84.6 in)
Bin width: 2290 mm | 90.1 lb
Bin length: 4250 mm | 167.3 in
Tare Weight: 3,590 kg | 794.5 lb
Standard Tyres: 400 / 60 x 15.5 Flotation Grip Tread
Axle: Tandem Walking Beam
Brakes: Optional 2 or 4-wheel braking
Weigh Scales: Optional Feedlink weighing and feed management system
Floor material: Welded Steel
Chains (Bed / X floor / Elevator): Twin 12,000 lb Roller Chains
Feed Bars (Bed / X Floor / Elevator): 65 x 35 RHS / 65 x 35 RHS / 40 x 40 RHS
Joystick: Standard in-cab electric joystick
Hydraulics Required: 2 x double-acting
Hydraulic Flow: 50-70 L/min (80 L/min maximum) | 13.2-18.5 gal/min (21.1 gal/min maximum)
Hydraulic Pressure: 2050-2500 psi | 140-170 bar
Elevator: 1645 mm | 64.7 in wide chain/slat
Jack: 80 mm | 2-speed screw, with quick adjustment. Designed strong enough for use as quick hitch stand
Towing Eye: 50 mm | 3.1 in swiveling forged eye

Key Features

Gearbox Drives

Over rated sealed gearboxes are used on both bed and cross floors for more power, quicker daily startup times and more reliability. 

Hustler Combi CM gearbox drives 700 500

Tried & True Control System

The Combi CM Range comes standard with the original Combi control system which has taken more than 4 decades to perfect providing the operator with full control over each floor for more versatility when feeding bales or chopped feeds. 

Other control choices are available as optional extras.

Hustler Combi Feed control 700 500

Toughest Chains & Drives

From the toughest twin 12,000lb roller chains, to the bis-alloy sprockets the new CM range is built to handle the heaviest loads with ease.

toughest chains and bars 700 500

View Through Visibility

See right through to the rear of the machine and into the cross floor with no obstructions blocking your view.

hustler combi cm visibility 700 500

Toughest Feed Bars On The Market

We’ve gone to a larger RHS feed bar, giving maximum torsional strength with a lower profile for the best of both world’s.

Toughest feed bars on the market 700 500

Strongest Axles On The Market

Toughest axle design with massive 2,200 cm2 of pivot surface area and 100 mm diameter pivot pins means you’ll never be repairing an axle again.

Hustler Combi CM axle 700 500

Single Post Draw Bar with Massive Link Arm Clearance

Combi CM provides superior maneuverability and linkage arm clearance thanks to Hustler’s unique draw bar design. The new design weighs the load both when on the jack and attached to the tractor without the need to fold and unfold a parking stand.

draw bar 700 500

Adjustable Chain Tensioners

All chains have adjustable tensioners with easy access for long life and simple servicing.

Hustler Combi CM chain tensioners 700 500

Self-Aligning Bearings

Combi CM features self-aligning bearings instead of bushes for longer service intervals, more reliability and lower maintenance.

Hustler Combi CM bearings 700 500

Single Elevator Ram

Combi CM uses a single elevator tilt ram to eliminate twisting, reduce maintenance and they’re mounted out of harms way from debris and from silage juices damaging the seals.

Hustler Combi CM elevator tilt ram 700 500

Bale String Tie Points

Integrated tie points along the length of the wagon to tie bale strings.

Bail String Tie Points 700 500

Scale Ready

2.46 times stronger than the old design, the unique design of Combi CM’s load cell integration makes adding scales easier and with fewer load cells there’s wiring, fewer electronics and less to go wrong.

Scale ready 700 500

Removable Draw Bar Eye

With a bolted drawbar eye Combi CM is designed to suit your preferred hitch type, be it a fixed eye, swiveling, clevis, or spoon type. And with huge clearance, it works just as well with pickup hitches.

Removeable draw bar eye 700 500

Protected Motor Drives

Protected for safety and reliability the hydraulic motors are shielded.

protected motor drives 700 500

Protected Hydraulics & Electrics

Simple hydraulic and electric component design for reliability the valves are protected from the elements beneath an easy access cover.

protected hydrolics and electrics 700 500

Low Maintenance Elevator Fans

The new Combi CM has just one set of elevator spillage fans for simplicity and with clever Hustler innovation, we’ve managed to reduce the number of fans for the required tilt angle reducing maintenance and eliminating 14 wearing parts from the design!

Hustler Combi CM elevator fans 700 500

Auto Release Tailgate

New to the Combi CM range is an Auto-release tailgate which allows the operator to eject loads out the rear of the machine without leaving the tractor cab. It also eliminates tailgate damage should the operator accidentally reverse the load.

Hustler Combi CM auto release tailgate 700 500

Tool-less Tailgate Removal

Clever Hustler engineering has design the tail gate for tool-less removal. And the integrated fork pockets make for safe and easy handling.

Hustler Combi CM tail gate release 700 500

Covered Shafts

Driveshafts are covered to eliminate feed material from wrapping around shafts.

Hustler Combi CM covered shafts 700 500

Load Dividing Design

Combi CM’s load dividing design reduces the load on all drives making for a longer-lasting machine. And because the floors travel less per load they don’t wear out like other wagons.

Hustler Combi CM floors 700 500

Integrated Access Ladder

Equipped as standard Combi CM comes with an access ladder built-in, providing easy access when removing bale strings.

Hustler Combi CM ladder 700 500

Industry Best Visibility Into Wagon and Elevator

See exactly what you’re feeding from the comfort of your seat, no other wagon provides this much visibility.

Hustler Combi CM elevator visibility 700 500

Hose Holder

An integrated hose holder comes standard to minimize the possibility of hoses chaffing and downtime. 

Hustler Combi CM hose holder 700 500

Feedpad Kit Standard

Now standard equipment the Combi CM range, come feed pad ready to eliminate the unnecessary spillage or the tyre from running over the feed row.

Hustler Combi CM load dividing 700 500

Cable & Hose Tracks

Cable and hose tracks are built into the design as standard to protect them from the possibility of damage.

Cable Hose track 700 500

Central Greasing

Central greasing now comes standard on Combi CM for the axle and difficult to access grease points.

Hustler Combi CM central greasing 700 500

Bisalloy Sprockets

Bisalloy is built for earth moving cutting edges, Combi CM uses Bis-alloy sprockets for reliability.

Bisalloy sprockets 700 500

Built-in Mudguards

Mudguards come as standard and are tapered to prevent the build-up of material when loading.

Hustler Combi CM mud guards 700 500

Optional Road Visibility Kit

The optional road visibility kit includes front & rear hazard panels, front & rear LED lights, and safety chains.

Hustler Combi CM road visibility kit 700 500

What our customers are saying

“I’d definitely recommend a Super Comby if you’re looking to buy a feed wagon, we’ve had no issues at all feeding maize grain, palm kernel, maize silage, and baleage.”

Michael Groome, Hawke's Bay (New Zealand) - Super Comby/CM106
Test aus

“We brought the Hustler feedout wagon because of its simplicity and the diversity of being able to go from pit silage to round silage which was a great asset”

Trent Adams, Chatsworth House (Australia) - Super Comby EX/CM136

“The single biggest reason we chose the Comby feeder is because we only needed one machine to do it all.”

David Hurford, Katunga (Australia) - Super Comby/CM106

“Our first Comby proved that we could feed square bales if we had to buy square bales in dry times, more than adequately, does a great job of feeding out chopped silage, but also means if we’ve got a few round bales we can throw in the wagon and feed them”

Graeme Nicholl, Fish Creek (Australia) - Super Comby/CM106

“I was impressed with how it trails the grain across the top of the hay and with how much labour it takes out of the work”

James Bishop, Mullaley (Australia) - Super Comby/CM106

“It’s much more efficient than the other wagons we had, faster, and you can feed bales”

Daniel Arismendi, Manuka Farms (Chile) - Super Comby EX/CM136

“The machine is not like a processor where you’re losing all the leaves off it, the leaves are coming off with the stems, and the cattle don’t have to lick them off the ground”

Mulvey Gulch Ranch (USA) - Super Comby EX/CM136