Hustler Feed out wagon is 100% more efficient than TMR mixer wagon used prior

Published 20th June 2018

Managing the 6,000 acres Chatsworth House Farm in Victoria Australia, raising prime lamb, a cropping program and a maternal stud, Trent Adams is a busy man. Read on to find out why he traded a TMR mixer wagon for Hustler’s latest Super Comby EX feed out wagon, and what a game-changer it’s been for his operation.

Trent’s new Hustler Feedout wagon has already feed 2,800 tonnes of silage and 250 bales in just six weeks, feeding 14,000 sheep and 300 hundred cattle, and he’s rapt with his decision to go with the combination feeder that “can feed out whatever he has too.”¬†

These main reasons he’s so pleased with his new Hustler silage wagon is the sheer amount of time has been saving his operator, the safety of operation compared to the TMR mixer wagon and the versatility.¬†

At Chatsworth House they don’t use polyethylene and tires to cover the silage pits they apply a layer of lime which provides a few advantages:¬†

  1. There’s less waste to dispose of
  2. The weight of the lime helps compress the stack reducing air pockets in the stack, ensiling better.
  3. It makes for quicker loading because there’s no need to remove tires and pull the cover back each morning
  4. The lime is loaded in with the feed and fed out in the paddock, so the lime doesn’t get wasted.
  5. This is also a nutritional benefit for the livestock.


Simplicity & Diversity

Being able to switch between feeding pit silage and feeding silage bales (round or square) was a major for Trent, and he hadn’t been able to find any other feed out wagon that could do all 3. They’ve found it very simple and easy to operate, “you just get in it and go” with no training required to do a good feed out job.

Time Savings

Running a busy farm you don’t have time to waste, just like Trent. Feeding out 36 loads per week with the new Super Comby EX. Trent has found that he’s been able to feed out 100% more in the same time it took in the mixer wagon, not only that but it’s enabled him to get all his livestock feed.¬†

“The feed out efficiency is greater than the mixer wagon we had prior.”¬†

The TMR was quite a bulky machine that needed a considerable amount of horsepower to operate and was clumsy when feeding out in the hills.

Health & Safety

Health and safety played a big part in the switch to the Hustler wagon, with the low loading height for safe and secure loading eliminating the need to use a ramp to load the TMR. The TMR was quite a bulky machine when compared to the lower centre of gravity of the Comby Feeder. The improved stability allows his tractor driver Paddy to feed out in the pastures safely without concern for rollover when operating on their rolling terrain.

“We brought the Hustler feedout wagon because of its simplicity¬† and the diversity of being able to go from pit silage to round silage which was a great asset.”

Trent turned to Colin Stubbs from Cervus Equipment Hamilton (Victoria), his local Hustler accredited who recommended the Comby feeder and he’s very, very pleased with his decision and the help he got from Colin.¬†

From left: Colin Stubbs (Cervus Equipment), Trent Adams (Farm Manager), Paddy (Operator)