Playing rugby and raising cattle, farmer chose the easiest to use bale feeder available

Published 15th June 2018
New Zealand

Why does Sheldon Reed, a farmer in Darfield loves his SL360X? We caught up with Sheldon to find out how his new Hustler Bale Feeder has helped out on his farm.

Running a tight operation on his three cattle breeding farms near Darfield, feeding round baled hay, Sheldon was in need of something simple & reliable. While on the market looking at all the different types of bale feeders, and so many options to pick from, Sheldon recognized that the Hustler SL360X had a lot of benefits that he loved and could benefit his operation. 

We meet up with Sheldon on his hill country property at white cliffs, where most of his breeding stock is kept and were able to see how he ran his farm. Having to travel between the three properties to feed out balage, Sheldon has really enjoyed the SL360X benefits. So what exactly are the benefits that Sheldon is talking about? 

“The ability to pick up from both direction and

feed both ways with our bale feeder is a benefit.”


While the SL360X bale unroller has 6 essential benefits, Sheldon feels the most significant benefit to his operation so far is being able to pick up his bale feeder from both ends. This is of great help when you have a tight spot and need to get to the next farm to feed out. The SL360X bale feeder, is making his life easier with more versatility and easy to use, saving him time and money with his busy schedule.

This isn’t the only benefit that our Chain feeder provides this farmer. The unique design of the self-loading system on the Hustler Bale processor, enables him to use his loader forks for general bale handling duties on the farm, when not feeding out, without the need to change the attachment.



 “We chose Hustler because we saw it as the best

bale feeder on the market”


This is what Sheldon had to say:


Hustler is excellent value for money, very reliable, and the price is right where we wanted it to be. It does everything we need it to do as well. One of the main benefits we find with the Hustler bale feeder is the ability to pick up the feeder from both directions. Sometimes the bales are a little dry and can’t be feed out one way, so being able to change the course and feed out on the other side at a flick of the lever is brilliant! 

“I would definitely recommend Hustler gear, very easy to use,

reliable, we have never had a problem with ours”

Being a rugby player, Sheldon doesn’t look forward to spending time having to turn around to pull a string or hydraulic lever with a sore body. This is why he is rapt that with his new Bale Feeder, which won’t give him this problem.

How is this possible? The snaplox system is the answer! This innovative and patented auto connect/disconnect, hands-free loading system releases the headstock from the feeding cradle automatically. There is no need to pull on a rope or hydraulic lever twisting your body and straining your back. Giving you freedom and flexibility! 

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