One of the Secrets Behind the World’s Best Bale Feeder

We’d like to share just one of the secrets behind why farmers simply can’t get enough of the latest X Series Chainless round and square bale processors that literally handle any type of bales.

Also, it all comes down to the extensive research and innovation that Hustler is prepared to invest continually in developing better livestock feeding solutions that simplify our everyday lives down on the farm.


Hustler’s unique polyethylene platform has been proven over many, many years to withstand operating in the harshest of winters to the hottest of drought conditions and provides numerous benefits:

  1. The ribbed design keeps bales tracking straight
  2. Very low coefficient of friction, making it super slippery, nearly 4 times less friction than steel or powder coated finishes. Reducing drag, enabling Hustler bale feeders to feed out any bale even the stickiest of silage bales and badly misshapen bales with ease
  3. Resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis, so it never corrodes even when left for months with the harsh silage juices or bales left in the chamber
  4. Impervious to UV and will never fade keeping your machine looking like new even after years of work, unlike powder coated or painted steel surfaces
  5. Withstands the hottest of droughts and the coldest of winters
    High strength to weight ratio, allowing Hustler to build a stronger machine with less weight and offer more impact resistance than other materials
  6. It’s up to 15 times more resistant to abrasion than steel meaning it doesn’t wear out

We’re often asked – “how tough is that platform, really?” So we thought lets put one to the test and pulled aside our South Island Field Consultant to give us a spiel… let’s see what he has to say


In case you might have missed our blog on the three primary tests our machines go through before reaching the market, you can watch our video of how Hustler products are tested.


This is why we can provide our clients – The Hustler promise