Reliability, build-quality and versatility: Australian farmer chose Hustler LoadMax tip trailer for this unbeatable trio

Published 16th November 2023

“It gives us the ability to cart”, this simple sentence summarises well why Australian dairy farmer Matt Glennen decided to invest in a Hustler LoadMax TX110 tip trailer. But Matt quickly came to realise that his purchase opened more possibilities than he would have imagined. Watch Matt’s full review of the Hustler LoadMax TX110 and how this brilliant piece of machinery has proven its mettle on the farm.

We visited Matt Glennen’s impressive farming operation nestled in the heart of Southwest Victoria, Australia. Matt and his wife Lucy manage a 300-hectare milking platform, housing 750 dairy cows and a smaller 220-hectare support block. Trying to “keep it as simple as [they] can”, Matt and Lucy’s operation is cadenced by a seasonal calving system, and the herd is mainly grass-fed with occasional supplements of silage, corn and barley.  

“I suppose the start of the tip trailer adventure was that… we’ve had a little digger for a couple of years and sort of needed something to cart stuff with,” Matt simply said. Matt sought a solution that would encapsulate efficiency, versatility, and, above all, reliability.

After exploring different brands, the decision to embrace the Hustler LoadMax TX110 was driven by its robust build, reasonable pricing, and the assurance of exceptional dealer support, through Rhys Evans and more especially Sales Manager Sean McGuane who has been working on putting in a massive 40-hectare centre pivot on the farm.

The LoadMax TX110 proved it was up to the task from its maiden task, involving carting gum trees to a pine plantation and uprooting trees for the new center pivot installation. Easily carrying the trunks around, the trailer set the tone for a series of transformative tasks to come. 

From the folding, load-bearing headboard, 2-piece folding and removable sides with center and corner posts that serve as bolsters, 2-way swinging tailgate, massive toolboxes, and the largest deck size in its class, Hustler LoadMax TX110 is designed as the most versatile trailer on the market be it for transporting dirt, rocks, manure, bales, bags, logs, pipes…

As the seasons changed, so did the tasks for the LoadMax. A new silage pit construction became a breeze with the trailer’s assistance. When it was time to clean the underpass, the LoadMax effortlessly handled the not-so-muddy conditions of the season. “Normally, when you try to move bars, the ground is still a bit soft, so flotation tires should come in pretty handy then,” Matt explained.

The support block being 10 km away from the main farm meant dealing with highways and legalities. The LoadMax was not just a workhorse; it was designed with legal compliance in mind. With hydraulic brakes and a well-thought-out design, Matt ensured that his operations were not just efficient but also adhered to regulatory requirements.

Choosing the right size was crucial for Matt, and the LoadMax TX110, with its medium-size yet impressive 10-tonne capacity, fit the bill perfectly. Its versatility allowed Matt to transport 12-14 bales of silage legally, providing the flexibility he needed for various tasks around the farm and being compact enough to be easily towed through smaller tracks and gateways. 


“You can see it is built really well”


In the world of farming, two attributes stand out when it comes to the Hustler brand—reliability and build quality. Matt attests to this by emphasizing the well-built nature of the LoadMax TX110. The reputation of the brand for creating robust equipment that stands the test of time is evident in every aspect of the trailer’s performance.

A steeper tipping angle, taller sides, and high-pivot tailgate make for easy off-loading of even the stickiest of materials. The powerful multi-stage cylinder minimises the oil capacity requirement and provides a generous redundancy in lifting power. Hustler LoadMax cylinders use chrome shafts for longevity and reduced maintenance. 

The LoadMax’s hydraulic latches and high tip angle were not just features on paper—they translated into practical benefits on the field. The ease with which Matt could swing the back gate for bulky loads and the convenience of the toolboxes demonstrated the thoughtful design that aligns with the practical needs of a farmer.

LoadMax comes standard with 8 unique operator convenience features including:

  1. Hassle-free hydraulic tailgate release 
  2. Massive toolboxes on both sides of chassis
  3. The angled top of sides to prevent material build-up and spillage
  4. 2-way swinging tailgate 
  5. Folding, load-bearing headboard
  6. Lifting eyes on sides and tailgate
  7. Central greasing 
  8. Quick-Lift, centre mounted jack


“We can’t fault it, that clay is pretty heavy, and it lifted it fine”


The LoadMax is poised to be an indispensable part of the farm for years to come. “Providing it stands to test the time, and I’ve got no doubt that it will, based on the quality of the Hustler products, that it’ll still be doing its thing in 10 years time,” Matt concluded.

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