Bearings vs. Bushes

In this week’s 60 Seconds of MiNT, host Oli Brunton describes why Hustler uses bearings instead of bushes on their machines.


Welcome back, everyone. Today we’re going to be talking about why hustler uses bearings as opposed to bushes. The downside to bushes is that it’s a very high wearing part, meaning the shafts can loosen, and then eventually the chain de-railing from your sprockets. These bearings are self-aligning, so when it’s bolted on it pulls up square to the machine and also square to the shaft. It’s mounted on the outside of the machine to prevent any hay or silage from wrapping. They also include double-sealed trash shields to prevent any mud or debris from entering the bearing. You can grease this bearing once, and that should last you about a week, unlike these bushes, where you can only fit a tiny bit of grease in, and you have to keep greasing it every day. On all the latest generation machines, Hustler’s ditching the bush in favor of the bearing. They’ve also updated the drive system on the chainless range to bearings. Hustler’s been using these bearings since 1998 and they’ve stood the test of time. Self-aligning, less maintenance and longer lasting.