900-head cow-calf operation improved their feeding routine thanks to the Hustler Unrolla bale feeder

Published 30th June 2022

Robert Perkins is based in Australia and owns a Hustler trailed Unrolla TX205 bale feeder which is used three times a week to feed the 900-head herd. “The loading mechanism is what really sold it to me,” he says of it. “I like the idea that Hustler had full control over the bales as you load them.” Watch the video to see how the Hustler machine improved Robert’s feeding routine!

Robert Perkins’ farm is a cow-calf operation located in Woodhouse in the Western District of the Australian state of Victoria. Beef operations in the state of Victoria represent about 23% of the national beef cattle farm businesses and the gross value is estimated at about $2.9 billion.

Luckily, the last two seasons have been good for Robert, with good weather and good prices at the autumn/winter sales – Robert took the opportunity to make some investments on the farm and renew his equipment. Among his favourite pieces of equipment is the Hustler trailed Unrolla TX205 bale feeder.

Robert bought his Hustler machine from his local Hustler authorized dealer Brandt Hamilton


“I had a different sort of feed out wagon before, and I was looking for something different”


Robert has been using Hustler for many years now. “All their machines are made really well,” Robert explained. He has a set of Hustler Softhands bale handlers and a Hustler SL700X bale feeder which he has just replaced with the new model because “it was getting a bit tatty,” according to him.



“I liked the old machine so much that I bought another one”


Robert is using his Hustler bale feeder to feed his 900 cows on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At the time, before purchasing his first Hustler machine, he used other feedout wagons, but the unique self-loading mechanism “was what really sold it to me,” he recalled.


“It’s just a good machine” 


“I liked the idea that Hustler had full control over the bales, as you sort of load them,” Robert explained. The Hustler Unrolla TX205 can carry two bales at a time and unlike other loading systems, this Hustler is equipped with ‘Total Control Loading‘ meaning that you can gently and accurately rest your bale in the platform rather than just dumping it and causing premature wear or breaking parts after removing the plastic wrap or the net, catching any loose feed. 

“We had some 18-month-old hay that falls to pieces when you cut the net wrap off, basically. And when you’re with the Hustler, it sort of all drops in the bed rather than on the floor,” Robert detailed.


“I liked the idea that Hustler had full control over the bales”


The single ram innovation provides extra safety since there are no sequence valves – the presence of air in the hydraulic system won’t allow the bale to drop and crush the operator. Once loaded, the tynes will retract out horizontally and down ready to pick up your next bale – and because it is speared, the load is also very secured during transport.

“The new one that’s basically the same as the old one with a few upgrades, they’ve made the new machine a bit stronger,” Robert said. As bales have gotten heavy over the years, Hustler has evolved and strengthened up almost every part. 

The main improvements increased the lifespan of the machine and were focused on key wearing parts. 

  • Chains

Zinc-plated chains rated to 24,000lbs with the larger diameter rollers and pins make our chain drive system almost twice as strong as our competitors. And the greater surface on each roller pin increases chain life because they can’t stretch or snake.

  • Feedbars

Bars are 4-5 times stronger torsionally than angle-type bars of the same size. We’ve bolted them to the chain which is stronger and for different bale types, blank bars or bars with more aggressive teeth are available and can simply be bolted on in a matter of minutes.

  • Bearings

Protected double-sealed heavy-duty 4-bolt bearings with trash shields are mounted outboard of the Trailed Round Bale Feeder feeding chamber. Making them last longer than internally mounted bushes.

  • Sprockets

Our 6 tooth sprockets are made from Bisalloy (the same material a bulldozer blade is made from) so they last forever. With smaller diameter sprockets less torque is required to drive the chains, giving more drive power for tough bales. Designed so it is impossible for the chain to jump off the sprocket saves you downtime in the field.

  • Drive

A beefed-up drive system, including a newly designed coupling, provides unparalleled direct-drive strength, while a bigger motor allows you to feed even the heaviest and sloppiest bales with ease.


“The new Hustler is a great machine and it just makes life easier for us”



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