This Chilean farmer and cheese producer feeds out three times faster with Hustler!

Published 10th February 2022

Chilean dairy farmer and cheese producer Ricardo Subiabre saves a lot of time with his Hustler trailed Unrolla TE205 two-bale unroller. It takes him just 15 minutes to feed out two bales when it used to take him 45 minutes before the Hustler. He also appreciates the large tires because it tends to get really muddy in his part of the country, especially in winter. “Everybody knows Hustler is the best quality,” he said, “This machine is very reliable, strong and safe to operate.”


Ricardo manages a 40-hectare farm in Los Muermos, a district of the Llanquihue Province, Los Lagos Region (Region of the Lakes in English) in southern Chile. The climate in this area has mild differences between highs and lows, and there is adequate rainfall year-round. The man has also a cheese production operation, directly on the farm. Processing milk into cheese is a good way to diversify income without having to expand. It also allows Ricardo to adjust the quality of his milk to the needs of his processed products.  


“It’s a smart investment. I totally recommend it”


To feed his dairy herd, Ricardo can rely on his Hustler feeder. “Before we had the Hustler, it would take me around 45 minutes to feed the animals two bales,” he said, “and now with the machine it only takes 15 minutes to feed out the same two bales.” Increasing efficiency and speed was important to Ricardo, so he decided to mechanise rather than distribute food by hand.

And Ricardo readily admits that “it’s much easier with this machine.” For Ricardo, even if the investment costs represents a bit of money upfront, the machine pays off for itself very quickly. “It’s a smart investment. I totally recommend it,” he said.



Ricardo chose the Hustler trailed Unrolla TE205 bale unroller for several reasons. 

The ability to feed out on either side

“With this unit, you can feed the bale out on either side,” explained Ricardo. Just like on the mounted version of the machine, a single lever control enables the Unrolla TE205 to feed bales out to the left or right and gives precise control of the rate of feed.

The ability to feed out on either side is handy because the bale can be loaded onto the cradle without taking particular care of the side it needs to be unrolled. It also provides more versatility to feed anywhere without unnecessary maneuvres.

The large tyre size for muddy winter conditions

“The other great feature, in my opinion, is the tyre size. That’s really important in this area of the country, especially in winter when the paddocks become soggy and soft because of the rain,” Ricardo continued.

The Unrolla TE205 is fitted with 11.5/80-R15.3 tyres that provide more flotation than the typical tyre size – ideal for muddy conditions. A lower centre of gravity and steeper feed cradle also result in a 20% increase in stability. This means greater safety and peace of mind when the going gets steep.

A machine easy to operate

“It’s really easy to learn how to use this machine. It’s easy to operate, doesn’t require any extra effort. Very very easy to use,” Ricardo said. The double bale feeder has single level feed control, making it very easy to use, even by low-skilled operators.

A trailed model that fits his operation better than a mounted version

“Another thing I like about it is the latch system. You can disconnect the machine at the end of the day, and the tractor is ready for another task. It’s easy, fast and safe,” Ricardo detailed. 

The benefit of having a trailed machine is that it can be easily be hooked on and then be parked away when not in use. Ricardo also appreciates the 100% hydraulically-driven system – safer than a PTO. 



The best quality machine available on the market

In the region “everybody knows Hustler is the best quality. This machine is very reliable, strong and safe to operate. I chose the Hustler because everybody told me that they are the best,” Ricardo concluded.

  • Toughest chains 

Super strong roller chains with a combined strength of 24,000lbs, with tough 40mm x 40mm zinc-plated bars. Bars are bolted to the chain, a stronger and more easily replaceable system.

  • Polyethylene floor

Non-corrosive, impervious to UV, slippery, easily repairable and very shock resistant. Fully enclosed – no wastage of expensive feed. The long bed can take 5’ long bales

  • Low maintenance

Instead of bushes we use longer-lasting block bearings, mounted outboard, to keep them clean and free of damage.

  • Strong chassis design

The fully enclosed chassis prevents rust by stopping water from getting in. The Unrolla trailed bale feeder is built with plenty of ground clearance to minimise bellying out and to avoid damage to chains and feed bars when it does touch the ground. The underside of the chassis is smooth, so it slides until the wheels gain traction again. Impressive strength to weight ratio has been achieved by constructing the machine from high tensile steel, which is 50% stronger than mild steel. Bolted construction eliminates stress cracking common with some conventional bale feeders.


“It is a very good machine. I congratulate the people who designed and the factory that makes it”


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