Australian farmer is improving his soil and land with Hustler’s brand new Regener8r chain harrow

Published 8th September 2022

Brenton Hore and his father visited their dealer to look at getting a new tractor for their sheep and beef cattle operation when they saw Hustler’s new Regener8r LM630 chain harrow. They bought it “right there and then.” Brenton’s father, who is 73 years old and the actual farm owner, is still very active on the property. He really appreciates the ease of use of the Regener8r especially when it comes to the hydraulic folding system. Watch Brenton’s testimonial to find out more!

The Hore’s family farm is a sheep and beef operation, located in Wymah, New South Wales, Australia just nearby the border of the State of Victoria. The family has been farming here for five generations. Brenton and his siblings have “been working on the place since we were probably five, six years old, helping out,” Brenton told us when we visited the farm last August.

Originally, the father and son’s trip to their local dealer in Wodonga was to find a new tractor for the operation. But they came back home with Hustler’s new Regener8r chain harrow! The family has been using old-style harrows for a long time, but Brenton’s father found them too difficult to use now he is 73 years old. “He didn’t like getting out, lifting up old style harrows up anymore,” Brenton explained. 


“You can fold up and then just drive straight into the paddock”


The Regener8r LM630 is 6.30 m (20.6 ft) wide with two hydraulic folding arms “so you can fold up and then just drive straight into the paddock,” Brenton said. In contrast to old-style harrows, Brenton’s father “can just control the side arms down from inside the tractor. You don’t have to even get out. It’s quicker in the way that you’re not setting things up. And I believe you can travel around in the tractor a lot easier with the Hustler than the old ones,” Brenton detailed. 

The foldable 3-point linkage frame ensures efficient space utilization in storage and transport! The Regener8r is also equipped with arm locks to take the stress off the hydraulic rams when in transport mode.

Brenton believes he will “probably use the harrows once a month or so. It’ll depend on how many times we saw that the paddocks get moved around.” On the farm, harrows have been used on pastures to “knock all the manure and that around.” 

Breaking up the manure allows an even distribution of nutrients and prevents grass from being smothered by manure. In some cases, it can also help control parasites and pest insects, such as flies, who prefer fresh manure for laying their eggs and survive for days within the moist middle of manure while breaking apart piles exposes fly and parasite larvae to sunlight, which drys them out. 

Brenton reckons that “after we’ve had the livestock in a paddock, where we’ve fed them a lot” the manure tends to create lumps – “so then it breaks down quicker into the ground,” he continued. 

The Hustler Regener8r chain harrow can also be used before overseeding the pastures.

With the Regener8r and its integrated bent 8mm (0.3”) leveling bar, two applications in one single pass can be achieved!


“They’re efficient and easy to use”


“We’re looking forward to like the work that we can do with it for the years coming. They’re efficient and easy to use for the father and brother and sister and myself. And I’d recommend them to anyone that’s wanting to buy one!” Brenton concluded.

We wish Brenton and his family long years of service out of their new Regener8r chain harrow! This piece is made for the long haul with individual cast harrow agitators – much longer-lasting as opposed to welded teeth and with an S355 carbon steel frame, 30% stronger than standard steel.


4 Reasons to Choose Rengener8r

1. Revitalize pastures

Regenerate and improve pastures’ health and growth. Chain Harrowing your pasture promotes new grass growth by removing old thatch & moss, increasing air movement and water filtration and giving shoots the access to Vitamin D from the sun they need to thrive. It also aids drainage by aerating and scarifying your soil, reducing muddy patches and standing water. Harrowing in Autumn will aid the germination of grass seed from over winter. 

2. Improve manure uptake

Post-grazing harrowing helps to break up manure and evenly distribute this natural fertilizer into the soil. You will also see a reduction in pasture smothering from large piles of manure. The Regener8r’s 4 rows of chains mean extra aggression on old dried-out piles of manure.

3. Lower fertilizer costs

The spreading and breaking up of natural fertilizer from your livestock results in the effective use of natural fertilizers by working it into the soil and spreading it out to prevent clumping. This in turn reduces the dependence and the cost of chemical fertilizers.

4. Smooth out fields

The Regener8r Chain Harrow comes inbuilt with 3 x 8mm levelling bars enabling two functions in one pass, this results in smoother, easier to manage and healthier pasture.



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