Tasmanian beef farmer maximises feed utilisation while minimising trips to the field with the Hustler Combi RX178

Published 18th August 2022

Frank Archer from Landfall Angus in Tasmania, Australia has purchased two Hustler Combi RX178 a little more than a year ago. Having completed one feeding season with the machines, he is very happy to have been able to maximise the utilisation of the feed while minimising trips to the field. Watch the video below to know more about Frank’s opinion on the Combi RX178.

Landfall Angus is a family-owned and operated business currently run by the fourth and fifth generations of the Archer Family. The farm is located in the Tamar Valley in Northern Tasmania. The breeding herd consists of about 2,000 registered Angus cows.

Frank Archer is the director of the business and follows the path of the previous generations, with a strong emphasis on the Angus breed traits that contribute to the profitability and sustainability of commercial beef production.

Landfall Angus has a long history with Hustler gear. Back in 2012, Frank purchased his very first Hustler machine, a Chainless bale feeder.

Then, needing a machine able to feed out large volumes of bales, he purchased two of an older generation of Hustler Combi feedout wagon, the Hustler Super Comby X.

Now, just a little over 12 months ago, two brand-new Hustler Combi RX178 feedout wagons arrived on the farm. 


“The Hustler has got good build quality”


The new Hustler Combi RX range is greatly improved when compared to the previous models.

The rear floor is now chainless with a heavy-duty pusher blade bringing the load forward, resulting in the introduction of greaseless components and the elimination of numerous moving parts for extended working life. 

The flat floor design runs seamlessly between the rear bed floor and cross floor eliminating maize silage spillage between floors, and downtime due to root crops bending bars and jamming. Without the need for staged floors, the Combi RX178 got a greater ground clearance for easier operation in rough terrain.

“The reason we upgraded from a Super Comby X to a Combi RX178 was basically we were looking for more volume,” Frank explained. “So we could maximise the load quantity or volume whilst minimising trips because our properties are quite long and narrow,” he continued “So there’s a lot of trips with a tractor and wagon with a smaller load.”


“We maximise the load quantity or volume whilst minimising trips”


The Hustler Combi RX178 is able to fit up to 8 round bales and up to 10 squares bales (2 layers). 

But beyond bales, the Combi RX range is also able to feed out literally every supplementary type of feed, including fine chop silage, maize silage, root crops, vegetables and more, up to 20.5m3 (heaped load) and 12,000 kg.

Improved load space optimisation makes for an average of 28% increase in load capacity with bales when compared to other multi-purpose feedout wagons resulting in the RX Range being the most compact and maneuverable silage feeder and bale feeder in its class.

“With the Hustler, we find that whether it’s feeding bales or bulk pit silage, it does tend to break the feed apart well and feed it nice and evenly, we maximise utilisation,” Frank said. 

“The Hustler has got good build quality, and they do their homework when it comes to the practicalities of the unit in the field,” Frank said.


“Hustler has a really good combination of practicality and ease of use”


Hustler Combi RX range also embarks smart-farming features such as the new in-cab electric joystick Feed Control (standard equipment across all the models of the range) to manage the entire wagon, letting you control the feed row of any feed type and density. A handy switch system allows you to be in semi-automated mode (recommended for silage) or in full control mode (recommended for bales).

“Now, with the new Feedlink system, the technology is there to be able to accurately feed you know animals and make sure that individually they’re getting the intake that we require to achieve production levels.

The Combi RX range offers the new optional Feedlink system. Simply one of the most advanced wireless scale systems on the market, keeping scales simple and allowing you to operate with the basics such as a live weight reading like conventional scale systems. You can also take control of feed management to the next level by pre-programing your daily feeding routine, and receiving reports to track feed proof-of-placement, operator performance and insights into over or under-feeding. 

The range also comes scale-ready, meaning that you can choose to upgrade to a scale system later.

“Hustler are very approachable and keen for feedback to improve their product. And the same goes for Hustler local accredited dealer Tasmac here in Tasmania, they’re also keen to take that feedback and take it back to Hustler help that to improve the product moving forward,” Frank concluded.


Do you want to know more about Hustler’s Combi ranges? Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!


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