Is there anything a Hustler LoadMax tip trailer cannot do on a farm?

Published 2nd November 2023

Some may think a tip trailer is an overkill investment on a farm. But imagine being able to transport dirt, silage bales, gravel, firewood, pipes, unload heavy machinery with just one person, and also generate extra income by loading an excavator at the back. Well, that’s precisely what Australian beef farmer Nick Lissamon had in mind when he invested in a Hustler LoadMax Tip Trailer TX114, and he hasn’t looked back! Watch the video to explore the myriad of ways Hustler LoadMax is transforming his farming operation.

Nick works on a three-farm operation in the State of Victoria, Australia and they needed a versatile workhorse trailer that could tackle a multitude of tasks. The Hustler LoadMax TX114 tip trailer, with its impressive load-carrying capacity and innovative design, fit the bill perfectly.

Tough tip trailer range from Hustler, LoadMax is loaded with unique operator convenience features, a longer-lasting steel deck, folding headboard, reinforced 2-piece sides that handle a beating from rocks, and a twist-resistant structure to prevent roll-over when tipping. 

The TX114 was acquired to assist with various on-farm jobs, including transporting top-soil, rocks, gravel, silage bales and firewood. “Got this gear to help us out, cart a bit of rock around and a bit of gravel for troughs. Got silage coming up shortly so we’ll pull the sides off and cart silage with that to be wrapped up. And firewood, one block’s got plenty of firewood on it so we’ll go and cut those up and cart that back,” Nick said.

Furthermore, Nick plans to offer his contracting services using this adaptable piece of equipment. He shared, “We’ll use a little excavator and cart it around to gravel laneways and other jobs.” The Hustler LoadMax TX114 had to be ready to meet these diverse demands.


“It pretty much paid for itself for the first day”


And that’s on the very first day that LoadMax prove its worth. When Nick’s new 85-horsepower tractor was delivered, it came on a tautliner truck with no loading ramps. Faced with this logistical challenge, Nick turned to his new Hustler LoadMax TX114 tip trailer. “I was able to back the trailer up to the tautliner and drive the tractor onto that and then bring it over to this pile of dirt and drive the tractor off here. It saved a lot of mucking around, so pretty much paid for itself for the first day,” Nick told us.


“That’s a great bit of gear”


When Nick decided on the LoadMax TX114, he considered several key factors that made Hustler stand out from the competition. These factors played a crucial role in his decision to bring this impressive trailer to his farm:

1. Sturdy Build: The LoadMax TX114 boasts a robust construction with 6mm plate steel deck, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of demanding farming operations. This feature provides peace of mind, especially when dealing with heavy loads and rough terrains.

2. Spacious Width: The TX114 offers the width Nick needed to accommodate an excavator comfortably. Its design allows for various equipment and materials to be carried with ease, making it a valuable asset on the farm.

3. Impressive Load Capacity: With a 14-ton capacity, the LoadMax TX114 can handle substantial loads without compromising on performance or durability. It’s designed for heavy-duty tasks and demanding farming applications.

4. Versatile Design: One of the standout features that attracted Nick to the LoadMax TX114 is its versatility. This trailer allows you to drop the sides, making it suitable for carrying hay, logs, firewood, and a range of materials. It’s a multi-purpose solution for diverse farming requirements.


“I was after a trailer that could pretty much do everything and this seemed to tick all the boxes”


The Hustler LoadMax TX114 made quite an impression, not just on Nick but on his neighbour as well. Nick shared, “Next-door neighbor turned up, I think it was the day or the day after we unloaded it and he had a bit of trailer envy actually. He wished he’d bought one years ago, he was surprised how well they were made and said, ‘Yeah, that’s a great bit of gear,’ so yeah, he was a bit jealous, I think.”

In Nick’s own words, the LoadMax TX114 offers endless possibilities for his farming operation. Its adaptability and robust design open doors to a wide array of applications, and it’s already proving to be an invaluable asset on the farm.


“I’d definitely highly recommend it and wish I’d actually had one years ago with the amount of stuff you can do with it”


With its spacious and flatbed design, the TX114 allows Nick and his partner to transport everything from heavy rocks and gravel to silage and firewood. As Nick looks ahead, he envisions using it for more purposes, such as transporting livestock using an old stock crate between properties. The Hustler LoadMax TX114 has become an integral part of their farming life, and Nick wishes he’d had one years ago given its remarkable versatility and robust construction.

LoadMax comes standard with 8 unique operator convenience features including:

  1. Hassle-free hydraulic tailgate release 
  2. Massive toolboxes on both sides of chassis
  3. The angled top of sides to prevent material build-up and spillage
  4. 2-way swinging tailgate 
  5. Folding, load-bearing headboard
  6. Lifting eyes on sides and tailgate
  7. Central greasing 
  8. Quick-Lift, centre mounted jack

The LoadMax TX114 is more than just a trailer; it’s a game-changer in farming!

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