What is the gutter around the top of Hustlers sprayer?

Published 16th February 2021

Angus explains what the gutter on Hustler sprayers is used for. The gutter stops chemicals spilling over the edge of the sprayer while protecting you as a farmer/rancher.

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People often ask: What’s this groove around here? What’s this kind of gutter thing around the filler of the sprayer? What that’s for is, if you do spill chemical, when you filling your tank, it will go into the gutter and will come around the front and it goes down behind the Visy gauge in the front of the sprayer. So, the reason we do that is we don’t want chemicals spilling over the side of this unit and as you are hooking up your implements you get it on your clothing and hence get it on your skin. So once again, Hustler is trying to protect you as the farmer and rancher.