What is the Dump Valve on the Applic8r Sprayers?

Published 16th February 2021

Hustler expert Jordan Cornes, shows what the Applic8r sprayer Dump Valve is and what its used for. This easy-to-use feature drains the leftover spray from the tank of your Hustler Applic8r sprayer.

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Hello all, this is Jordan from Hustler Equipment. One thing we’re often asked, is what is this? Now what this is, it’s called the easy dump valve and when you’ve got the last few litres of spray left in your tank, it means you can just pull on this. It dumps the water out the bottom of the tank and saves you from having to fish around under the tank unscrew a lid, and end up with spray all over your hand. All you do pull the dump valve and the job’s done. Thanks all, see you again!