Unrolla Cradle Shape

Published 23rd March 2021
Unrolla LM105/LX105 (SL300X/SL360X)

This week, host Oli Brunton explains the purpose and benefits of the Unrolla cradle shape.


Welcome back to this week’s episode of 60 Seconds of MiNT. Today I’m going to explain the unique design of the Unrolla cradle shape. Farmers were asking for a shape that could feed a wider variety of bales. What we found when we designed a cradle that followed the shape of the bale is that the teeth would just spike the bale and then pull out, meaning the bail would just spin around and it wouldn’t tear it apart either. So what we did is keep the curve in the middle, and as you get closer to the edges it turns into a straight section. And what that does is it’s pulling the bail outwards more, really tearing that bale apart compared to other designs. So these straight edges make the cradle wider to fit bigger bales. Hustler spent a lot of time perfecting the cradle shape, so you can feed out without your bales jumping off to the side. You can tease apart tight bales that other cradle type machines can’t. You can feed a wide range of bales, and also it feeds outside your tractor wheels so you’re not feeding straight into a muddy ditch. Thanks for watching guys. I’ll see you in the next one.