The fastest, simplest way to load & feed 6 round balage bales without waste

Published 19th March 2021
New Zealand

Are you looking for an efficient machine, capable of feeding out large volumes of feed to your livestock while being compact, simple and quick to use? Watch this video of a Hustler Combi multi-feeder wagon loading up and feeding up six bales in a few minutes!


Why do farmers switch from a TMR wagon to a Combi feeder?

There is no doubt that TMR mixer wagons have their place in a feedlot or dairy operations where a high-performance diet is required day in and day out and the consistency of the mix is essential. However, using a TMR mixer wagon to feed a combination of hay or silage bales, clamp/lose silage and other fodder can have a lot of drawbacks. Today, more and more farmers are realising that a traditional TMR wagon takes time to load, takes time to mix, takes time to maintain and is not always suitable for feeding out directly into pastures.

Ultimately, this situation impacts their bottom line as they lose money, use a lot of fuel and waste time that could be used for other more productive things on the farm. Here at Hustler, we have a solution! The Combi feedout wagon is a great solution to save time, save money… and save a headache when it comes to select the right feed option for your livestock.

Fastest to load up and feed out – saving time

The Combi’s have the lowest loading height on the market, allowing the operator to keep full control of the load and be faster.

Once loaded, the Combi wagon is quick and easy to reconnect (no need to connect a PTO), however of course you could load with an extra loader like you would have to when feeding with a TMR (this simplicity allows for efficient use with just one tractor). The operator only needs to get out of the cab twice in total, meaning 66% less cab entry and exit compared to any other 2 or 6 bale capacity bale processor. Whilst similar cab exit/entry is required when feeding with a TMR, both a tractor and a loader are required to do the job! Once to remove the bale wrap and once to reconnect the hydraulics, which takes only a few seconds.

TIP:  Some operators disconnect the hydraulics whilst stopping to open/close a gate, saving an extra cab exit/entry.

And what happens if you need to weigh your load? Not a problem with our Feedlink Bluetooth wireless scale system! Thanks to a iOS app, you always know the load you have in your Combi, even if it is not hooked to your tractor. How convenient is that?

Once loaded, there’s no need to wait, you can go straight to feeding out. Thanks to the Hustler’s feed pad kit (comes now standard on all the Combi feeders) the feed is released at the correct spot, with no waste, no leakage of silage juices and no downtime due to the feed stuck around the rams.

Lowest maintenance – save money

Apart from the fact that the operator can start feeding out straight away after loading, without having to wait for the mixing to be finished, which saves a lot of fuel, the Combi wagons require very little maintenance.

The few moving parts result in a reliable machine that is built to last! The RX range (chainless rear floor) is even more durable thanks to the absence of a chain on the main floor, replaced by a heavy-duty push blade that will only need to make one move per load. Think how this low strain is a benefit compared to the paddles and blades and the screws of a TMR mixer wagon!

Maximum versatility – save a headache 

There haven’t been many options for farmers who want a machine that can feed out anything. Be it bales, silage, fodder beet, food waste or any other kind of supplementary feeds, and neither for farmers who want a more cost-effective solution for feeding a blended feed to their cattle.

Even without using bales in your livestock ration, using a traditional silage wagon doing what is called a “layering method” is far from ideal for a large diversity of loose feed. With a traditional silage wagon, because the floors were continuously working, the bottom layer would get stripped out of the load and the mix would start highly concentrated, and end highly diluted.

With the Combi, each floor can be operated on demand. The mix delivered in the windrow resulted in a marked improvement in feed consistency throughout the entire load. And by using a bar/chain elevator on the Combi wagons, the different feeds are blended together.


Five models to choose from

The new Hustler’s Combi range consists of five models – from 11m3 through to 21m3. Available in 2 variants, the CM range with a chain and bar rear floor setup and the top of the line, the RX range equipped with a hydraulic ram powered pusher blade and 15-mm thick puck board floor, eliminating a substantial amount of moving parts for use in the high-end farming operation.

Whether it’s a small or large operation, there’s a machine to suit your needs and your budget… from the ultra-compact Combi CM116 with a footprint of just 2.7m wide and 6.4m long (close in size to a 2 bale capacity bale processor but with three times more capacity, and 50% more efficiency) to the ginormous three-axle twenty one cubic meter Combi RX218 that can take up to 10 bales in one single load. 

Combi Feeders CM Range (Chain Rear Floor)

Combi Feeders RX Range (Chainless Rear Floor)


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