Snaplox auto-connection system

This week, Oli tells you all about Hustler’s patented Snaplox auto-connection system.


Hey guys, Welcome back to this week’s episode of 60 Seconds of MiNT. Today, I’m going to be showing you our patented automatic connection system: Snaplox®, and what it lets you do is disconnect the headstock, spear a bale, put the bail on the bed of the machine, reconnect the headstock and feed out. It’s easy to use, without any manual rope or hydraulics, and the farmers just love it. But how did they come up with it? So we asked James, the chairman of Hustler Equipment, that very question -So we thought: Hey, why can’t we make it so it automatically latches and de-latches? A bit more to it than meets the eye because it’s got to stay on, it’s got to be positive. You’re driving along, it hits the ground, you don’t want it popping free or anything. Then they field tested it and continue to refine it, until they got this. An automated connection system that’s simple and easy-to-use. The boys in the R&D department got into gear. It looks cool, JAMES: it’s simple & eliminates the rope. Guys love it. OLI: And there you have it if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe and give it a like, and I’ll see you in the next one.