Top Tip Trailers from Hustler

Published 24th July 2020

The thing with tip trailers is that they must be tough. Because, whatever you decide to cart with them – rocks, dirt, soil, wood, shingle etc. you want them to withstand the impact. Twist-resistance when tipping to prevent rolling over is a must. We like to listen to our farmers and hence have listed the main features of our tippers that make them a safe and and over-all top machine. 



Demand for a strong trailer with a long-lasting steel deck, reinforced sides and a twist-resistant structure had us develop our Hustler Tip Trailers that come in 8, 10 and 12 ton models. 

1. Tough, reinforced and removable sides 

 Tough reinforced sides and headboard with spring steel support to hold any load. 

2. Strong Floor 

33% stronger floor than the nearest competitor and up to 50% stronger than European trailer floors. Long lasting for peace of mind. 

3. Strongest Tail Door 

Eliminates twisting and damage from spreading rough material. 

4. More Tipping Power  

2x single stage cylinders for long term reliability. Linear force instead of diminishing force will ensure you have enough grunt to tip off every load. 

5. Toughest Axle  

For more oscillation than any other trailer. 

6. Armacote Paint 

Hustler’s new powder coating system makes the finish of your trailer extremely durable and long lasting for the reduction of wear and tear damages and a higher re-sale value.   

7. Safer Design 

The extensive use of RHS in both the chassis and body design, reduces the chances of rolling over from twisting. A common issue light duty import trailers. 


For availability in New Zealand and Australia, please get in touch with your local Field Consultant


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