Are the chains and bars protected on the Unrolla TX205 bale feeder?

Published 2nd February 2021

Hustler consultant, Jordan Cornes explains and shows how the chains and bars on the Unrolla TX205 is protected. The Hustler trailed Unrolla has a chassis design which prevents damage to chains and feed bars if it touches the ground.  Click here to see more about our Unrolla range!


Hello all, this is Jordan from Hustler Equipment. One question we’re often asked, is are the chains and bars on the Unrolla TX 205 trailed, chained bale feeder, are they protected? Now, the answer is yes! I’ll show you why. If you look under the machine you can see the chains and bars run above the chassis, which means that if you’re operating on hilly country and and you scrape the bottom of the chassis or the bottom of the bale feeder, you won’t be damaging the chains or bars. Instead, the chassis; this thick RHS will protect the chain and bars from any damage, meaning that your bale feeder will last longer and feed out more bales. So thank you very much, we’ll see you next time!