How do I know what bale grab/handler to buy?

Published 28th January 2021

Angus Hewetson a consultant from Hustler, has answered your question and will give you 4 reasons why you should buy the Hustler Softhands!

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Hello, farmers and ranchers often ask our dealers, What sort of bale squeezes/soft hands should they buy? I’ll give you four reasons why they should buy Hustler.

1. Hustler has a four year warranty compared to most others having either no warranty or maximum of one year. 2. The load is closer to the tractor because they’re more compact, putting less strain on your front axle of your tractor.

3. We have an equalizer bar as an option or standard, depending on the model, which means the hands open evenly compared to some others that flop around or just have a fixed arm.

4. Our hands are slimmer and straight from this point on. This means that you can stack bales closer and pull out of them easier without ripping or putting a big space between your bales.

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