How do I get large square bales to feed out better on a chainless bale feeder?

Published 28th January 2021

We’ve answered your question! So you can feed out your square bales easier, Hustler consultant, Jordan Symington will show you how you can switch from the round bale position to the square bale position on Hustler’s Chainless bale feeders. Watch and learn!

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Hey guys, Jordan here with Hustler Equipment. I just thought I’d do a quick little video for you here.

We often get asked, how do you change this table over from the round bale position to the square bale position? So I just wanted to show you this bracket down here, bear in mind this here, is not how your machine is going to look when it’s set up, this bracket here is is strictly just for shipping. But what I wanted to show you here was this bolt pattern right here. So this comes out of the factory in the round bale position so all you need to do is get under this table here with a skid steer or a forklift and just kind of take some of the pressure off back these bolts out and lift it up and just adjust it so that your bolts are here and here and while you’re at it you’ll have to go ahead and take this little flap off so that it doesn’t get bent by the rotors. What that does is that just gets your rotors a little bit lower down on the square bale and it just helps it feed off a bit better.
So hope that helps guys. Thanks for watching!