What’s the differences between a Hustler Combi multi-feeder and a TMR wagon

Published 30th May 2022

Lance Paskewitz, a Hustler expert shares the differences between a Hustler Combi multi-feeder and a TMR wagon? Lance answers this question based on three key features, Capacity, Efficiency and Maintenance! These benefits help distinguish the Combi multi-feeder from the traditional TMR mixer wagon. 


Hey, guys, it’s Lance with Hustler equipment. We often get asked, Why would I purchase a hustler Combi wagon versus a traditional TMR mixer wagon. There’s really three reasons, one is capacity, two is efficiency and third is maintenance. So on the first one capacity, if you’ve got a 750 cubic foot mixer wagon, you can’t actually fill it 100% full, because you need that mixing room without spilling over the edge. With the Combi wagon, and today we’re in the Combi RX 178, which is about a 600 cubic foot capacity. And you can fill this baby way more than 600 cubic feet because it can pile up and over from one side to the other from front to back. Second one is efficiency, as you would have noticed the Combi wagon requires no PTO. And what that means for you is that you can power it with a smaller tractor that’s more efficient on fuel and you’re running it at lower horsepower, lower RPMs. And then thirdly, you don’t have to do all the mixing. And so your actual feed time is shortened by significantly. Many ranchers say to us today that they spend 30 to 45 minutes per load just trying to break down bales and mix it up. With the Combi wagon you just simply load and go. The third point we wanted to talk about was maintenance on a traditional mixer wagon and you may need a mixer wagon if you want that perfect blend that may be what you need. If it doesn’t need to be a perfect blend with the Combi wagon you have a lot less moving parts. You don’t have the gearboxes you don’t have the bear all the bearings. You don’t have the big mixing screws you don’t have the cutting knives. A lot of people are spending five to 10,000 bucks a year just strictly on knives. So with the mixer with the Combi wagon, as you can see, there’s absolutely no floor chains. The rear pusher brings everything up to the front and simply puts it onto this front chain. As you can see 12,000 pound test chain on either side, way over built, but we just know it needs to feed out and feed out for a lifetime. So very, very simple, very low maintenance and cheap and easy to use. Again, I’m Lance with Hustler and I appreciate you joining us