How does a balefeeder save you up to 30% wastage compared to traditional feeding methods?

Published 28th January 2021

Hustler consultant, Jordan Cornes, answers a commonly asked question by customers; How can you save up to 30% of wastage compared to traditional feeding methods? As Jordan explains, when feeding in a narrow windrow with a Unrolla or Chainless bale feeder, the cattle stand perpendicular to the windrow, which reduces the trampling and therefore prevents hay wastage. 

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Hello all, Jordan here from Hustler Equipment. We get asked a lot, why do you save so much hay from feeding out in a narrow windrow out of a bale feeder, compared to rolling a bale down a hill or feeding out in hay rings? The answer is, when you’re feeding rolling the bale down the hill, you know how it unrolls in a wide mat? What this does, is it means your cattle trample on the hay or the silage and trample it into the ground which creates up to 30 to 40% of wastage. This is similar to feeding in hay rings where cattle will pull the feed off the bale, some of it will drop down on the ground and they’ll end up trampling on it again as well as the pasture damage around the hay ring, due to the condensed number of animals. In comparison, when you’re feeding in a narrow windrow either with an unroller chain type feeder or chainless type feeder where it fluffs it up, the cattle tend to stand perpendicular to that windrow which prevents him from trampling on it and as a result prevents a lot of the wastage. This also means that every animal in your herd has equal access to the feed and the boss cows don’t take more feed. So that’s the answer of how the unroller type feeders or Chainless type feeders save up to 30% wastage by feeding out with your bale feeder. Thanks all, I’d like to hear what you think in the comments below. Like this video and subscribe to us. Thanks a lot, see you next time!